Finding the Best Pet-Friendly Boarding Accommodation When Travelling to Miami

When you have that special connection with your dear pooch, you want to take them everywhere. That means when you travel, the dog travels with you. Even though this is a pretty picture, it can also be complicated. You need to know where to find the best animal amenities. For example, if you want to explore dreamy Miami, you must know which mobile vet services near you are the best. Apart from vet services, you must find the best accommodations and grooming services if you cannot go everywhere with your furry friend.

Finding Good Accommodation

Before your trip, research and list pet-friendly accommodations in the area you plan to visit. Look for hotels, vacation rentals, or campgrounds that specifically mention they are pet-friendly. Once you have a list of potential accommodations, check their pet policies. Find out whether there are any breed or size limits, additional costs, or guidelines particular to pets. Check to see whether the lodging will meet your dog’s needs.

Read testimonials from other pet owners who have stayed at the places you’re thinking about booking. You may learn from their experiences about how pet-friendly the area is and whether they had any problems or worries. These reviews are your best bet before you can enter into regrets. After that, contact the lodges directly if you have any particular queries or concerns about bringing your dog.

Choose an accommodation that is located in a pet-friendly area. Look for nearby parks, walking trails, or pet-friendly restaurants where you can take your dog for exercise and socialization. When booking your accommodation, consider the comfort your pooch deserves. Look for places with pet-friendly amenities, such as designated pet areas, pet beds, or access to outdoor spaces.

Top Pet-Friendly Boarding in Miami

Miami is a hub for pet-friendly kennels. If you have meetings or want your furry friend to be well groomed, you will find a suitable pet boarding. Below are some of the most popular dog daycares in Miami.


This is among the doggy daycares that have been rated well online. The boarding offers daycare services to all local pet owners. If you are traveling or working, you are assured that your furry friend will be well taken care of. Rover has a network consisting of thousands of pet sitters who are well-trained to care for dogs and other animals. The service has an app where clients and sitters can connect. If you are unsure of your sitter, you can meet your sitter before booking to ascertain that you are comfortable with them. The service handles many dogs, including high-energy dogs and those with special needs.

Camp Canine

This is a boarding facility that has been operational since 1999. The facility has garnered popularity over the years because of its professionalism and responsiveness. The business offers four different accommodations for dogs, including:

  • Standard rooms
  • Junior suite
  • Luxury suite
  • Cageless boarding.

Depending on the time you plan to be away, you can take a specific option to suit your preference and budget.

Barks and Tales Dog Spa

The facility has been around Miami since 2009 and has become a favorite among many pet owners. The facility offers cage-free pet boarding services. Guests are treated well in an overnight boarding experience in private suites. The pet sitters in the facility feed and medicate the dogs according to the owners’ instructions. Other than boarding services, the facility also offers daycare and grooming services.

Rio’s Pet Spa & Boarding

If you are looking for a spacious boarding service, then Rio’s Pet Spa & Boarding is the place to take your furry friend. The facility offers limited accommodation spaces so that the guests receive the experience of a lifetime. Pet owners can also join yoga sessions while waiting for their dogs.

Homestyle Dog Care

Based on the name, you can be sure this facility will give your furry baby the care it needs. The facility is located in a private home in Miami and offers 24-hour individualized care. The boarding resort can accommodate all types of dogs, from puppies to adult dogs with special needs. Whether a big or small dog, the facility has the right resources to care for your animal. The facility has a dog pool, a private clubroom, and an outdoor play arena. In addition to the boarding services, Homestyle also offers various grooming services, including medicated and exit baths.


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