Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines Merge Lifestyle, Business, and Self-Improvement With “Fresh & Fit”

Everyone has an ideal lifestyle and a plan mapped out to help them achieve that lifestyle. Walter Weekes was like most people, and he dreamed of greatness. As he journeyed toward that goal, he found that life would not take it easy on him. Weekes shifted his focus on finding his footing, improving himself to attain the life he wanted. Along the way, he realized that he could put his knowledge to use and rebranded himself as Freshprinceceo. Together with Myron Gaines, he established a brand called Fresh & Fit.

Hailing from the island of Barbados, Walter Weekes immigrated to the United States to realize his dreams. Residing in Miami, Florida, he embarked on a journey to success. Weekes soon found himself working to survive, with his goals set on finding his purpose, landing a decent job, and finding love. He persisted by constantly learning useful skills that could help him attain his goal. 

At that time, Weekes created the lifestyle that most men could only dream of. With the experience to back his knowledge, he rebranded himself as Freshprinceceo and started a business centered on self-improvement. Initially, he had no plans of creating a business that revolved around his lifestyle, but when others saw how ideal it was, they started asking him for tips on improving their lives.

With his new brand, he taught other men about important life lessons such as business, dating, and maintaining a lifestyle that could make them more highly valued by others. Freshprinceceo would follow the advice of a friend and create a YouTube channel. Following their suggestion, he would gain over 50,000 subscribers and make a TikTok account, earning the same number of followers.

Freshprinceceo would later meet Myron Gaines through a video call. The two found that their interests aligned and that both achieved success in building the lifestyle, businesses, and relationships they set out to reach. The pair would partner to create Fresh & Fit, a podcast launched very recently with content that focuses on personal development for men.

Fresh & Fit helps men learn more about business, fitness, investments, dating, and experience to bring themselves more success in those areas. Freshprinceceo and Myron answer live questions on their program, bringing them closer to their audience. The duo also runs coaching programs to provide people with a more in-depth understanding of how they can succeed in areas they believe need improvement. The programs include one-on-one coaching sessions for those looking to imitate the duo’s successful lifestyle and ventures.

Since launching their podcast, they have created an ebook that’s available for free titled Unplugging From the Matrix of Fitness and Game, which acts as a self-help book to provide guidelines for men who want to break free from unhealthy dating and fitness cycles. Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines have achieved incredible success with their partnership and foresee more growth as they continue their mission to elevate men’s games and more.

To learn more about Freshprinceceo and Fresh & Fit, you may visit his website. He can also be found on YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter.


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