From Ego to Enlightenment: Jonathan Brierre’s Quest for Inner Peace and the Path to Helping Others

Jonathan Brierre
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Jonathan Brierre is a certified meditation teacher who has dedicated his life to helping others find inner peace and manifest more joy, abundance, and love in their lives. With a private consulting business and a book, A Short Handbook for Happiness, Brierre offers guidance to individuals and groups through lectures, breathing exercises, and genuine conversations about life. His work is heavily influenced by scientific research and principles on the nature of consciousness.

Brierre‘s journey to becoming a meditation teacher began with a natural curiosity about the nature of existence and consciousness. Born into a Roman Catholic family, he grew dissatisfied with the church’s inability to provide answers to his deepest questions. So he turned to science for answers and became an atheist, believing that spirituality and religion were used to control the lives of others.

However, his atheism and sense of detachment from reality eventually led to a mental breakdown in college. He experienced severe mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoid delusions, and a general detachment from reality, leading him to drop out of college and spend time in nature and meditating in order to find grounding in his life.

As he meditated alone, Brierre became familiar with a presence within himself that he could not put words to. “In retrospect, I’ve come to see it as the presence of God in my life,” he shared. “As I learned to connect more to this presence and peace in my solitude, I gradually began to grow in awareness of how huge my ego had gotten. I realized that I would have to work hard on myself to let go of my ego. I wanted to reintegrate into society while also carrying the grace of this presence with me, but I had many unconsciously held beliefs and thought patterns that were not serving me or others. My mind was getting in my own way,” he added. 

After dropping out of college, Brierre decided to pursue a career in sales to force himself to confront his ego in as many ways as possible. Through this, he picked up books on psychology, healing, love, relationships, communication, philosophy, and consciousness, which helped him deepen his understanding of himself and others and realize that the external world is a direct reflection of a person’s internal world. “Whatever beliefs we would carry about any situation would be the lens we see things through. If we want things to change in our life, then we first would need to be open to changing our beliefs about those things,” he insightfully shared.

This journey of deconditioning and reconditioning can be difficult, and not many people are taught how to mindfully introspect and probe their minds for traumas and limiting beliefs. This led Brierre to write his book as a guide for others to understand and transcend their limiting beliefs and ego. The book is an accessible introduction to the Philosophy of Stoicism and other principles and disciplines used in many traditions, religions, and philosophies.

Throughout his journey, Brierre has personally experienced pain, doubt, and turmoil but has continued to evolve and grow through the years of study, self-reflection, therapy, counseling, and coaching. He had a successful career in sales, and when he foresaw the 2020 economic crash and fallout, he transitioned to become a software engineer and a coach for others to follow a similar journey.

Brierre’s journey has come full circle, and he now lives a life filled with love and inspiration, financial abundance, and joy in being among others. He believes that perfection can be found in our imperfect lives and that it truly is a miracle to be alive, helping others find their personalized pathways toward God, oneness, and enlightenment.



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