Gabriela Rocha’s ‘A Igreja’: A Night of Worship and Praise in São Paulo”

Gabriela Rocha's 'A Igreja': A Night of Worship and Praise in São Paulo"
Photo Courtesy: Nunes Entretenimento

The recent announcement of Gabriela Rocha’s new DVD recording event, titled “A Igreja,” set to take place in São Paulo, has stirred considerable excitement among her fans and followers. The buzz around the event was so significant that tickets sold out quickly, signifying the high anticipation for a night filled with worship and praise. Scheduled for March 20, 2024, this event promises to be a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

The recording will occur at the Methodist Cathedral of São Paulo, a venue known for its modest yet welcoming atmosphere. Located on Avenida da Liberdade, the cathedral will host approximately 350 attendees on the evening of March 20. Gabriela Rocha, leveraging social media, offered a sneak peek into the preparations for the recording. She shared a glimpse of the setlist, hinting at the introduction of new material alongside the classic hits that have marked her illustrious 14-year career.

Gabriela Rocha is celebrated for her unique voice and her remarkable impact on the gospel music scene. She is the voice behind several hit songs such as “Creio Que Tú És A Cura,” “Teu Santo Nome,” “Atos 2,” “Diz,” “Enche-me,” and “Lugar Secreto,” among others. These songs have significantly contributed to her reputation as one of the leading artists in the gospel genre. Her work has amassed over 3.3 billion views across digital platforms, a testament to her widespread influence and popularity.

Moreover, Gabriela Rocha has collaborated with notable names in the gospel music industry, both nationally and internationally. Her collaborations with artists like Cece Wins, Elevation Worship, Miel San, Michael W. Smith, David Quinlan, Ana Paula Valadão, Bruna Karla, Isaias Saad, Lukas Agustinho, Kim Walker Smith, Christine D’Clario, Weslei Santos, and Fernandinho, showcase her versatility and ability to create unique and authentic music.

With a strong online presence, Gabriela boasts over 9.9 billion subscribers on her official YouTube channel and nearly 20 million followers on social media. She regularly shares devotional content, messages of faith, and glimpses into her travel and daily life, fostering a deep connection with her audience. Gabriela Rocha first gained public attention in 2010 through her participation in the “Young Talents” segment on Raul Gil’s show on SBT. Her journey continued with memorable performances on the Teleton editions of 2017 and 2022, further cementing her place in the hearts of many.

The demand for tickets to the “A Igreja” DVD recording was overwhelming, leading to their rapid sell-out. Recognizing the high demand, Gabriela announced the availability of an additional 50 tickets on Tuesday, 12, on her Instagram. These tickets are available at a designated website, offering fans another chance to be part of this special night.

Ticket holders are also granted access to an exclusive Telegram group, where they will receive the official setlist in advance and have the opportunity to interact with Gabriela Rocha. This initiative adds a personal touch to the event, enhancing the overall experience for those attending. The anticipation and preparation for “A Igreja” signify not just another milestone in Gabriela Rocha’s career but also a celebration of faith, music, and community in the heart of São Paulo.


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