Game, Set, Matchmaker! How Kelleher International Can Find You Love

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Staying stuck in love isn’t a good thing — at least, not in tennis. But in the matchmaking world, it’s exactly where most people want to be. Love is in the air both on and off the court at this week’s Miami Open 2023 Tennis Tournament, and the #1 matchmaker in the world for the top one-percenters aces it every time. 

Kelleher International believes love should be approached much like a tennis game: lots of preparation, plenty of tenacity, and most of all, who you’re paired up with makes the perfect match. With over 35 years of experience, their unparalleled matchmaking team and customized approach help their exclusive members meet their ultimate partner. Kelleher’s unique and personalized combination of one-on-one coaching, private supper parties, world-class experiences, and a top-tier social club also ensures that there are no soft serves delivered. 

“We are in the love business,” says Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Co-CEO of Kelleher International. “Our members are passionate about their lives, and we’re passionate about matching them. We both love the concept of love; we’re well-matched because love is at the center of everything we do.”

Kelleher International is an exclusive, high-end professional matchmaking firm. It started in the 80s with its founder, Jill Kelleher, Amber’s mother. “My mom started the business because she saw an obvious need,” Kelleher-Andrews shares. “Through her experience working for video-based dating services, designed for the masses, she quickly discovered that the top one percenters couldn’t successfully date randomly, or even wished to use video-based services. She witnessed firsthand that they were way too picky, simply too busy, and most of all desired the discretion that these services couldn’t offer.” 

According to Kelleher-Andrews, her mother created Kelleher-International to provide a solution for these eligible singles. “The niche she created over three decades ago served as a smart alternative to video dating services,” she adds. “This same concept of hand-selecting matches after personally interviewing, screening, and vetting still applies today. Ultra-high net-worth individuals want love just like everyone else, but the difference is that they don’t have a lot of time and they still don’t wish to showcase themselves — only this time, online. Additionally, dating apps are super time-consuming, very frustrating, and potentially dangerous to use. Time is money. Period. The need for Kelleher 35 years ago is as strong as ever in the 21st century.”

Dating doesn’t have to be a wild card

Dating is tough, and dating in Miami has been described by many as nearly impossible. While there are a lot of genuine people looking for love in Miami, there are also plenty of others who pose as something (or someone) they’re not. 

“A lot of gold-diggers and showmen call Miami home,” says Kelleher-Andrews. “We personally interview, screen, and vet all candidates with the intention of finding the diamond in the rough. The truth is, you don’t know who is who in Miami: they’re either incredibly rich or not, but still act like they are. People in Miami postulate affluence, but are often lacking or are incredibly shallow and not entirely truthful.”

This is where Kelleher International can help. They know the Miami dating scene well, and for them, making a match is as simple as an easy volley. 

So, how does one get in the game? The process Kelleher International uses is straightforward. First, you apply for membership, and then you tell your story. Next, the Miami team goes through its approval process for membership consideration. Once accepted, the membership of choice is selected based on who the member is and who they wish to meet. Geographic preferences, age, income, children, travel, lifestyle, and passions all help personalize each membership package designed. 

“Kelleher traditionally has always offered more than a match,” Kelleher-Andrews says. “We are firm believers that life is what you make of it. Relationships matter most, and who you choose to spend your life with is the single most important decision you can make in your lifetime.” 

Kelleher receives tens of thousands of inquiries a year. They love the excitement around hand-selecting new members each month from the eligible candidates applying. “We transform lives through purposeful connection and love,”, says Kelleher-Andrews. What’s better than guiding passionate people towards true love?”

Love on and off the court

Love is everywhere at Kelleher International and they take a team approach for each search. 

No tennis star — from Chris Evert to Andre Agassi to the Williams sisters — achieved their goals without expertise, solid advice, and professional coaching. Eligible singles looking for love and those who wish to shine in their own love lives can utilize Kelleher’s expertise, solid advice, and professional coaching to find them the one.

“The best advice I can offer anyone looking for love is something that I learned from my mother: ‘Look outside your circle’”, Kelleher-Andrews says, “expand the possibilities.” Kelleher is an absolute pro and a phone call away from your best possible end game. As for some last words of dating advice from Kelleher-Andrews, she says: “That’s easy: believe in love.”


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