Generating Cybersecurity Leads: Where and How to Find New Prospect in 2021

Lead generation in cybersecurity is a niche B2B market with its own rules, which means that not all hat-trick marketing tactics will work for the market.

However, by understanding the targeted customers, there are many opportunities for marketers to take advantage of the unique peculiarities of the market.

In this article, we explore how businesses can search for and convert new leads to the use of their solutions.

Cyber Security is a Growing Need

According to a recent report, there are, on average, 2,244 attacks a day. This is a harrowing statistic, but this also means that there are always plenty of prospects and customers that are still untapped.

Vendors transacting with sensitive information, businesses dealing with highly sensitive data, e-commerce spaces and the wave of companies that have recently digitized all need the right solutions.

Account-Based Marketing

Cybersecurity is a particular need that appeals to a certain subgroup of people in an organization. These can be positions such as the IT officers and often include the senior leadership of an organization.

Besides, every organization has different needs and levels of knowledge on the subject. What’s difficult is that it is also possible that some companies are not even aware of the threats they face, which requires precise targeting.

The way to target potential customers at this level is to stick to particular people in organizations, and that won’t happen overnight. This is where ABM was introduced as one of the tools that marketers are using with great success.

Targeting of DMUs (decision-making units) is most effective with the use of account-based marketing. This means using the following:

  • Identify ideal targets and customers.
  • Divide them into groups with very similar demographics
  • Create powerful personalized messages that suit them
  • Real conversations start with the DMUs
  • Custom nurturing
  • Running A / B testing and campaign changes.
  • Markets to Look At
  • As the need for secure networks and safer online environments grows, the number of potential cybersecurity clients. There is still an excellent opportunity for companies to expand their market base.

A good home base includes:

  • Startups
  • Education and research facilities
  • Medical Centers
  • Existing cybersecurity users who need more innovative solutions
  • Companies that digitize
  • Private customers who require more security

Other methods of building a customer base are as follows:

  • Ask for referrals (or encouraging referrals) from old and new clients.
  • Launch of webinars or digital product launches
  • Networking with local businesses that may require digital security solutions
  • Get copywriters and editors talking about your services through partnerships and paid campaigns.

Educational Content Marketing Helps

Cybersecurity is a highly technical field with potential prospects doing extensive research before understanding the threats and purchasing a solution.

This is why publishing white papers, case studies, and even infographics can significantly help a marketing campaign.

Educational content marketing is the backbone of a passive lead generation strategy, particularly for industries like cybersecurity. Potential customers look for answers before looking for companies that can provide the solution, so cybersecurity companies need to provide both.

Businesses need to understand that a significant portion of the buyer’s journey has already been completed before even contacting them.

Free Audits Can Help

Many companies use the free quote or free marketing consultancy method because it provides a service at no additional cost to the prospect. It helps to build relationships because a business offers added value without customer expectations.

More importantly, there is a high probability that the customer will choose a solution from the company they mentioned first.

Consulting sessions provide a wide variety of manoeuvring spaces for a cybersecurity marketer to talk about issues, build concrete relationships, and qualify the ideal prospect.

A cybersecurity company capable of offering free audits or consultation sessions should increase the visibility of these offerings. They are great for attracting new customers and establish a company’s position as an industry leader who is ready to give away value for free.

Outsource Your Lead Generation to a Specialist

One of the sure-fire ways to get new leads is to outsource your lead generation to a third party.

The reason this is becoming more popular is that it frees up valuable resources and allows cybersecurity companies to specialize in creating products and services, leaving the lead gen to specialists.

This is very beneficial for tech startups who cannot afford to hire new marketing personnel, or for companies that are at a plateau in their growth.

Lead generation specialists may also come up with other campaigns such as telemarketing and social media management to ensure that companies have greater reach.

Cybersecurity will always be an urgent need for many firms as we progress into a more digitized future. That’s why businesses must start building their customers as early as possible.

Kick-off your lead generation strategy and start getting meetings today!


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