April 15, 2024
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Ghost Marketing: The Silent Force Behind the Successful Campaigns of Multiple Brands

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

In all of the successes of every business, there is guaranteed to be a dedicated marketing team working diligently behind the scenes. The team’s hard work is not always made known, but thriving marketing agencies like Ghost Marketing are always happy to be silent workers so long as they meet their clients’ expectations and become instrumental in promoting a brand that consumers will love. The company has been quietly creating campaigns for some of the business industry’s most promising brands since 2018 and seeing that it kept drawing clients to its doorstep despite the absence of hype, owner and founder Britton Briley decided to uphold the business’ motto, The Secret Marketing Agency. 

Ghost Marketing offers a wide array of digital marketing services that are designed to serve the various needs of the growing and thriving businesses. The company’s hardworking team of seasoned marketers and highly skilled social media managers have the remarkable ability to create massive brand awareness across several platforms. Whether it is through photographs, videos, or graphics, Ghost Marketing knows what kind of content would suit a brand, when to post it, why to post, and who to target for every post. 

As a digital marketing leader in the business industry, it offers the most important kinds of services that are common among brands today: social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and traditional marketing. More specifically, Ghost Marketing offers Google AdWords, campaign management, keywords ranking, reporting, and analytics. It also offers brand concept and management, brand development, lead generation, public relations, media buying, website design and hosting, and content creation. 

“We have been profoundly blessed,” expressed Briley. “To see just where we are at as a company brings me joy because marketing is my passion but knowing that my passion is fueling companies to grow means the world to myself and our team.”

Britton Briley has successfully established a work culture that fuels the passion and inspiration of all his team members, making them very productive and overflowing with creative ideas. Every member of the Ghost Marketing team subscribes to the company’s culture of excellence, innovation, transparency, passion, reasonable pricing, and commitment. 

To achieve what the company promises to its clients, Briley established three very important divisions within the organization: Ghost Marketing, Ghost Productions, and Ghost Consulting. If clients think hard about it, the company has strategically positioned itself as a one-stop shop that understands the needs of its clients.

Working alongside Briley to ensure the success of all the company’s clients are Seth Freeman as Vice President, Eimile Harrison as Account Coordinator, Nichole Schumacher as Social Media Manager, Avery Ovalle and Vivan Hayes as Social Media Coordinators, Hudson Carter as Videographer and Eric Townsend as Videographer/Photographer. Together, they have created a digital marketing powerhouse that provides clients with a fun and worthwhile experience. 

At the end of the day, Ghost Marketing is all about making things happen for its clients. Apart from creating campaigns that will attract attention and let its clients stand out, its team also finds a way to tell the brand’s unique story. This approach has allowed the company to add value to its clients and elevate their online presence. At the rate that Ghost Marketing is going, there is no doubt that it will continue to be part of the success story of countless other brands in the future. 

Ghost Marketing are always looking out for talent to join the team. You may visit their website to view listings available.

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