Global Kids-Favorite Like Nastya Channel Reaches 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Worldwide sensational YouTube channel Like Nastya reached 100 million subscribers in time for autumn, making it one of the most successful content-creation channels on the platform. Like Nastya has attracted kids and families worldwide and is now one of the top five most-viewed content on the platform. Initially launched in 2016, the channel tells the life of Nastya as she travels to amazing amusement parks worldwide, unpacks toys, and does other kid-friendly content. In addition, the channel has also brought awareness to many social issues kids suffer today, such as bullying at school, the value of good relationships with parents, and tips to make new friends, making Like Nastya a crowd-favorite for parents who find its content helpful in raising their children with good values.

Like Nastya is more than a YouTube channel but a full-force ecosystem with mobile applications, social media platforms, events, and partnership projects with renowned brands, such as Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Spin Master. Besides hitting 100 million subscribers on YouTube, Like Nastya also reached over 500,000 followers on Instagram this year.

Nastya is based in Miami with her parents, Yuri and Anna Radzinsky. The eight-year-old content creator closely works with her parents to put entertaining and equally-relevant content that leaves a lasting impact.

Like Nastya is currently enjoyed by viewers across the United States, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, and Vietnam, with its viewer base exponentially growing every day with audiences from virtually every part of the globe. “Being a creator and an influencer is a big responsibility,” Nastya’s father, Yuri, shared. “We are always open to the new, and it is a great pleasure for us to provide subscribers with new formats. For example, we work closely with a psychologist, Ph.D. with specialization in child psychology, to deliver not only fun but also useful content for our followers.”

Asked what factors contributed to the channel’s success, Nastya’s mother, Anna, shared that they focused on satisfying the needs of their audience, followed trends, and researched to understand the barriers that separated them from their viewers. “We are also listening carefully to Nastya’s suggestions for videos; she perfectly understands what is relevant for her age. Regular content uploads and a strong team are also important for success,” she added. 

Nastya and her team are consistently producing funny home videos daily, with uploads happening three times every week made possible by a team of screenwriters, trendwatchers, producers, montage and motion design editors, and more. All in all, Like Nastya’s team is currently a group of diverse and talented people from Europe to South Africa divided into various departments–content and social media, digital products, merchandising, innovations and experimental products, operational management, legal and finance.

The team also went the extra mile and translated the videos, adding English subtitles first and then Spanish and Arabic, realizing that many children in other countries would love to enjoy the content in their own language. This has also been a tremendous joy for parents, seeing how it contributed to fostering a love for language and culture among their children. The Like Nastya project currently has 21 channels in 19 languages.


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