April 16, 2024
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Holiday House Palm Beach “Taking it to the Table”

Holiday House Palm Beach “Taking it to the Table”
Photo Courtesy: Annie Watt

Holiday House Palm Beach is making a triumphant return to Florida with its acclaimed “Taking it to the Table” Tabletop Event, a gathering that spotlights the collaborative spirit of esteemed designers and industry luminaries to support a noble cause. Hosted at the elegant Colony Hotel, this event is not just a showcase of design and creativity but also a powerful fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), reflecting a deep commitment to making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

The event encourages participants and guests to don pink attire, symbolizing their support and solidarity with the cause that lies at the heart of Holiday House’s mission. This year, fifteen distinguished designers will unveil their uniquely crafted tabletop displays. These creations are not merely about aesthetic appeal; they are innovative expressions of décor and lifestyle, designed to captivate the design community, Holiday House patrons, and the discerning Palm Beach social circle.

Among the participants are renowned names such as Caroline Rafferty Interiors, Alexandra Naranjo Designs, and LoveShackFancy, to name a few. Each designer brings a unique vision to the table, promising an evening filled with inspiration and elegance. Adding to the event’s allure are pop-up boutiques by esteemed brands like by robynblair and Casa Branca, enhancing the experience with their exclusive offerings.

The leadership and organization of the event reflect its prestige, with Sarah Wetenhall serving as the Honorary Chair, flanked by an impressive roster of co-chairs and committee members. These individuals, leaders in their respective fields, lend their expertise and passion to ensure the event’s success, highlighting the community’s collective effort against breast cancer.

The evening promises more than visual and design marvels; it offers signature cocktails, lite bites, and the warmth of gathering for a cause. The proceeds from this event are a significant contribution to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with Holiday House having raised almost two million dollars for BCRF to date. This contribution is vital, as BCRF is known for its efficiency in funding research, directing 91 cents of every dollar received towards groundbreaking breast cancer research projects.

Holiday House was conceived in 2008 by Iris Dankner, who merged her passion for interior design with a commitment to breast cancer fundraising. This initiative was groundbreaking, creating a platform for high-profile interior design events dedicated entirely to supporting breast cancer organizations. Iris Dankner’s personal journey and dedication have positioned Holiday House as a pivotal event in the design calendar, celebrated for its contribution to a cause that touches many lives.

The event’s structure, with a VIP Preview followed by general admission, allows for an intimate first look for those willing to contribute further to the cause. With tickets priced at $300 for general admission and $500 for VIP access, attendees are given an opportunity to partake in an evening of unmatched elegance and philanthropy.

Supported by a cadre of prestigious sponsors, including Ashley Stark Home and Casa Branca, the event is a testament to the power of community and the shared goal of eradicating breast cancer. Through “Taking it to the Table,” Holiday House Palm Beach not only showcases the pinnacle of design excellence but also embodies the spirit of hope and resilience in the face of a relentless adversary. As guests wander through the displays, they are reminded of the beauty that can arise from unity and the enduring impact of coming together for a cause greater than ourselves.


Published by: Martin De Juan

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