How AI Agents Help Matchmakers Find The Love You Deserve

How AI Agents Help Matchmakers Find The Love You Deserve
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It seems commonplace to see headlines focused on artificial intelligence and its knack for taking humanity out of the modern world, but what if they’re wrong? AI can help us connect, just like the internet and social media. Jacqueline Fae, better known as the Faery Matchmaker, has teamed up with entrepreneur Sanjay Bhatia to use AI to help others find love. 

When she started her matchmaking businesses, IDL Diamond Club & I Deserve Love, Jacqueline Fae noticed that it was difficult to get people to open up about themselves and what they wanted in a partner. A typical questionnaire did not do the trick. Clients were stingy with their personal information and not ready to trust the process, and Fae realized that a personal touch was missing from the probing questions about clients’ love lives. She started working with Sanjay Bhatia, founder of, to help her small team be able to converse with several clients at once while still providing that personal touch. is a leading generative AI platform focused on creating AI agents that accelerate client acquisition and automate the sales funnel at scale. It’s ideal for teams that are short-staffed and need to scale rapidly. helps expand your reach to compete with the biggest names in your industry. Your team won’t become exhausted trying to keep every client happy, and you will still be able to scale your business. Bhatia’s goal with is to expand millions of small teams with big goals. 

At IDL Diamond Club Matchmaking, is able to have conversations with potential clients about their desires that are just as deep and intimate as talking to a live agent. integrates with WhatsApp to converse with customers and is then able to screen potential matches and add them to the matchmaking database. As IDL Diamond Club Matchmaking grows, will help singles find love across the globe.

Bhatia and Fae make a formidable team, working together to reach this impressive goal. Bhatia is a serial entrepreneur in the AI space and a former Microsoft engineer. He has founded seven businesses to date, including the recently launched Fit: Match the LiDAR Tech behind Savage x Fenty, a lingerie company founded by global superstar Rihanna. 

Fae’s matchmaking business has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as on CBS and Newsmax. A former actress, Fae transformed her career and built a seven-figure empire out of IDL Diamond Club Matchmaking while embarking on motherhood. Her passion for helping people find love has put her in a different league than other dating apps and matchmaking services. Fae’s partnership with Bhatia in AI will undoubtedly expand her business even more.

If you own a growing business, AI may seem like something only accessible to tech titans, but is proving that the time is right for small and medium enterprises to integrate AI. Take your team to the next level by using to scale your client base. If AI can help singles find love, it can do anything!


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