April 16, 2024
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How CloveNow Helps Real Estate Professionals Stay on Top of Their Game Amid Digital Age

With the advent of social media and various digital platforms, business owners flocked to amplify their brands, products, and services online in hopes of reaching more consumers anywhere in the world. But consumer behavior is constantly evolving, and adapting and coping to the shifts can be challenging. To help business owners find the right solutions, Damani Norman launched CloveNow. 

CloveNow is an advertising and marketing company focusing on helping luxury brands reach their goals. The platform highlights the strengths and niche products of each of its clients. Over the years, the company has collaborated and worked with luxury real estate mansions, private jet operators, fashion brands, supercar owners, and many more individuals who cater to customers who want to experience the finer things in life.

As a lifestyle company, CloveNow features awe-inspiring photos of high-end destinations, mansions, and brands, like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT Tourbillon watch worth $180,000 and the McLaren supercars such as the Butterfly Wings model. The company has also featured a $22 million mansion in Delray Beach in Florida, highlighting the property’s stunning white interiors, massive kitchen, impressive wine collection, and sprawling lawns. Out to impress its potential clients, CloveNow also featured a grand $46 million residence standing on a 20,000 square foot expanse located in Los Angeles that features its own bowling alley, home movie theater, breathtaking pool area, and sophisticated interiors. 

CloveNow is a company built by one entrepreneur for other entrepreneurs. Damani Norman is a renowned professional in the digital real estate industry. He is deemed as a seasoned player as he guides his clients to game-changing investments and sells some of the most coveted brands. Damani knows the marketing game like the back of his hand, and today, through CloveNow, he is helping other professionals enhance their performance and remain as top-of-mind choices amid the digital age. 

Aside from being an entrepreneur and digital real estate investor, Damani Norman is also the founder of multiple e-commerce online businesses that have been performing well even during the pandemic. As a result, he was catapulted to becoming one of the top ten entrepreneurs of 2020 alongside Alexis Ohanian, Parisa Tabriz, Emily Weiss, Keller Rinaudo, Brian Armstrong, Katrina Lake, Whitney Wolfe, Grace Eleyae, and Katia Beauchamp.

CloveNow primarily targets individuals belonging to the millennial age group and members of Generation Z. What began as an application-based tool for investors to earn passive income eventually evolved into a digital listing platform that connects potential buyers to the most reliable agents in the game. Furthermore, CloveNow has not only worked with people from the real estate industry but has also made a difference in business owners offering high-end, luxurious, and exotic products. 

CloveNow helps its clients differentiate the effects and benefits of short-term and long-term real estate investments. The platform allows them to narrow down listings and focus only on the properties that deserve their time and resources. Indeed, CloveNow is an innovation that has impacted many lives. With one property at a time, the company is uplifting not only its clients but also property buyers to achieve the luxurious lifestyle of their dreams.

To learn more about Damani Norman and CloveNow, visit their Instagram and Linkedin.

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