How to Remove Malware from Your Android Device

How to Remove Malware from Your Android Device

Reading this article on “How to remove Malware from Your Android Device” would help in providing the solution you’ve been looking for if your device has been giving you some troubles. Do you have pop-up ads on your phone that won’t go away? Or you’ve noticed that your Android device is overheating and the battery drains quickly? Or you’ve been getting text messages and notifications from senders you don’t know? Or do you have some malicious apps on your device that are taking up space on your phone and can’t be removed or uninstalled?

If yes, then your Android device is showing signs of malware. In this article, we’ll be looking at what malware is and how to remove malware from your android device.

What is Malware?

“Malware” is the short form of malicious software and it is a type of software that can cause harm to your device. When malware is present on your device, it can be used to steal personal information, gain unauthorized access  and give some of your sensitive information, like bank accounts, social media accounts and credit card information, to cybercriminals.

Malware is a general term for worms, viruses, Trojans, Spyware, and any other software programs that can disrupt computer systems. When Malware is present in your Android device it can steal your personal information, download malicious applications on your phone, open unsafe web pages, lead to unwanted Pop-up Ads, and send expensive SMS text messages. Having Firewall and antivirus installed on your device can help get rid of malware. You’ve had a good understanding of what malware is. Now let’s look at how to remove malware from your Android device.

How to Remove Malware from Your Android Device

Having had a good understanding of what malware is and the damage it can do to your device, looking for how to remove malware from your Android device should be your next step. Removing Malware from your Android device is not a difficult process but it is quite easy. Let’s look at some of the steps on how to remove Malware from your Android device.

  • Check For Signs of Malware on Your Device

The first step is to check for signs of Malware on your device. We’ve listed out some of the signs of malware on your device while introducing this article. Is the battery of your Android device draining fast? Or you’ve noticed some unidentified text messages or pop-up ads that won’t go away or you notice there are some apps on your phone that you didn’t download or your Android device is processing very slowly and crashing often? Have you noticed the activities of hackers on your system or probably a leak of some sensitive or personal information? If yes, that’s a sign that your Android device might have malware.

  • Put Your Android Device on a Safe Mode

The next step here is to put your Android device on a safe mode and you can do this by pressing the Power button until your phone turns on and then immediately pressing the Volume Down button of your device. Keep on pressing it until you see “Safe mode” on the screen. 

  • Uninstall Malicious or Suspicious Apps

When you’ve placed your Android device in safe mode, the next step is for you to identify and uninstall malicious apps on your phone. You’ll proceed to the “settings” section of your phone. When you get to the settings, search and click on the “Apps” options. All the Apps on your phone will show up. Go through the list of Apps on your phone and uninstall or disable the app. Some examples of malicious apps are fake antivirus software, apps that use your device for mining cryptocurrency without your consent, Spyware or Adware that monitors your activities and steals your information, etc

  • Install an Antivirus App or Firewall

After removing all malicious apps from your Android device, to ensure the security of your phone, you must download a trusted antivirus app. Having antivirus and firewall software on your device helps to remove malicious software. Antivirus software helps to identify, detect, and remove malware, while firewalls prevent malware from communicating with its servers and help to detect suspicious network activity that antivirus software may not detect. 


Dealing with malware on your Android device can be quite frustrating, as you won’t get to enjoy using your device and you’re not sure of the security of your personal and sensitive information like passwords, personal information, location, and contact list.

Following the steps listed above will get rid of malware on your Android device and keep your personal information safe from hackers. When downloading apps on your device, it is important to be careful while clicking links to keep your device safe from malware.


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