March 4, 2024
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Innovator Stac Yagu Redefines Concept of “Jewelry Exchange”

Luxury shopping will never be the same again with the opening of CoJewlrs, a confluence of respectable business operators through the efforts of jeweler Stac Yagu. The remarkable space showcases a collection of private boutiques that will display some of the world’s finest artworks, designer handbags, diamonds, estate jewelry, fine eyewear, and timepieces. If anything, Yagu intends for CoJewlrs to be an awe-inspiring luxury shopping haven for guests who wish to sell, trade, or buy items. 

Yagu has been in the jewelry industry for more than 20 years, long enough to have built a solid network of entrepreneurs who sell luxury goods and business operators who run private physical stores. From New York City to Florida, Yagu has established strong connections with jewelry traders, who eventually inspired him to come up with a unique venture. 

“I felt the need to merge the benefits of owning a private store and shared spaces and created CoJewlrs,” Yagu shared. 

CoJewlrs is a one-of-a-kind destination that is designed to elevate the shopping experience of guests by providing them with a secure and comfortable private space where they can confidently display their luxury items or buy them, for that matter. Located at 16850 Collins ave. Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, Yagu envisioned CoJewlrs as a safe and accommodating luxury shopping haven for guests from all over the world. 

“This concept is the first of its kind for a reseller to have a boutique within a shared space. The benefits are mutual for vendors and clients. For the vendor, he is within a community of like-minded peers that are offering various precious goods, which has tremendous value for B2B opportunities. For the client, they have options to choose which proprietors they wish to work with based on the relationships they are able to establish. Everyone has options, and that’s the best way to do good business,” the management shared. 

Business operators will be featuring some of the finest luxury items available in the market today, and some of them are expected to be rare pieces that can only be made available in a private setting, such as the one that CoJewlrs provides its guests. The private stores available include Ameta Finance Group, AMMRADA, Factory Pieces, Lavish Eyewear, Privé Collection, Rarity Designs, Stella Gallerie, and The Vault. 

“Aside from private boutique style storefronts for resellers of all material goods, guests can freely buy, sell, and trade with different vendors in private and not feel the pressure of guilt that is usually felt in a jewelry exchange setting which offers almost no privacy for its vendors or guests. CoJewlrs also features a full bar (complimentary) and a lounge space for vendors and guests to enjoy,” the management added. 

There is no doubt that CoJewlrs has become a luxury trendsetter. Yagu set the bar very high to introduce a rare experience that a lot of his guests would welcome. He has successfully established a physical marketplace for high-end luxury goods, where guests can go about their business privately while enjoying the available amenities. 

The success of CoJewlrs only shows that the luxury brand market is still an ever-growing niche that will continue to expand significantly in the coming years. 


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