Inside Otis Kemp’s Latest Hit: Exploring ‘It’s Alright’

Inside Otis Kemp’s Latest Hit Exploring It's Alright
Photo Courtesy: Otis Kemp

By: Pamela Broussard

In an interview with Otis Kemp, the renowned gospel artist offers an intimate glimpse into his latest release, “It’s Alright,” released in March 2024, with its message of hope and resilience.

With his soul-stirring lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, Kemp shares insights into the creative process behind the single, shedding light on the inspiration and personal reflections that shape his music.

From the heartfelt opening message to the dynamic blend of musical elements, Kemp’s interview unveils the depth and authenticity embedded within his artistry, promising an enlightening exploration of faith, perseverance, and the unwavering power of music to uplift spirits.

Q: What sets “It’s Alright” apart from your previous releases, and how does it reflect your artistic journey?

Otis Kemp: “It’s Alright” is a culmination of my experiences and growth as both an artist and an individual. While my previous releases have explored themes of faith and resilience, this single dives even deeper into those aspects. What sets it apart is its universality; it speaks to anyone facing challenges, offering a beacon of hope and assurance. As an artist, I’ve evolved in my ability to convey these messages through my music, and “It’s Alright” reflects that journey of growth and exploration.

Q: Could you share a bit about the creative process behind “It’s Alright” and how the song came to fruition?

Otis Kemp: The creative process behind “It’s Alright” was incredibly organic. It began with a simple yet powerful message of hope and resilience that I wanted to share with my audience. From there, the lyrics and melody flowed naturally, inspired by personal experiences and reflections on faith. Collaborating with talented musicians and producers added layers to the song, bringing it to life in a way that truly captures its essence.

Q: In “It’s Alright,” you blend various musical elements, including soul-stirring lyrics, powerful vocals, and even a rap verse. How do these diverse elements contribute to the overall message of the song?

Otis Kemp: Each musical element in “It’s Alright” serves a purpose in conveying the song’s message of hope and resilience. The soul-stirring lyrics lay the foundation, offering words of comfort and encouragement. My vocal delivery adds depth and emotion, while the rap verse injects a sense of urgency, particularly in addressing the challenges faced by today’s youth. Together, these elements create a dynamic and multifaceted experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Q: “Everything,” your previous release featuring Lena Byrd Miles, achieved remarkable success on the Billboard Gospel charts. How does the reception of “Everything” influence your approach to releasing “It’s Alright”?

Otis Kemp: The success of “Everything” was incredibly humbling and affirming. It reinforced my belief in the power of music to touch hearts and uplift spirits. As I prepare to release “It’s Alright,” I’m inspired by the positive impact “Everything” had on listeners and motivated to continue sharing messages of hope and redemption. The reception of “Everything” serves as both validation and encouragement, fueling my passion for creating meaningful music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

“Everything,” released on November 24, 2023, featuring the enchanting vocals of Lena Byrd Miles, soared into the Top 30 on the Billboard Gospel Charts, further showcasing Kemp’s musical prowess and resonating powerfully with audiences worldwide. With its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, the collaboration between Otis Kemp and Lena Byrd Miles captivated listeners, solidifying Kemp’s position as a prominent figure in the gospel music scene.

Kemp’s latest single, “It’s Alright,” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms.

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