Integrand Developers: Establishing Generational Wealth for Investors in Texas and Florida

While the rest of the real estate industry is fixated on the outdated ‘Fix and Flip’ model, progressive retail development companies such as Integrand Developers create valuable opportunities for investors to create generational wealth by developing high-quality assets with stable income generation and long-term price appreciation. Based in Houston, Texas, and founded by Arvind Reddy and Satya Kiran, the partnership has been instrumental in establishing generational wealth through its 25 years’ worth of integrated experience in construction and commercial real estate.

The ‘Fix and Flip’ model, wherein the investor or developer identifies a building, typically a single-family home, purchases it, renovates, sells for a profit, splits with investors, if applicable, and moves onto the next project. The model is straightforward, and it provides a profit, which would be good enough for the unambitious. However, this model is not scalable, has no consistency, and has no barrier to entry.

Fixing and flipping offer the potential to make a quick profit, but its income opportunities end there. In his eight years of experience in real estate syndication, Arvind Reddy found a gap in the puzzle: the lack of opportunities to establish generational wealth. Models for a stable, long-term investment option with significant upside and minimal downside are rare and usually not presented as an option.

Integrand Developers bridges this gap by creating high-quality building structures and well-managed assets for all stakeholders. Operating with this vision allows the company to establish its reputation in generating considerable returns for its investors, enabling them to build an income-generating enterprise profitable for even the next generations.

Katy, Texas is home to its first project, a 5,250 square feet retail development building on a high-visibility location, seeing 60,000 cars traveling down the road each day. The building is located in a very promising area of an affluent suburb. While its construction is underway and is expected to be completed in June 2021, the entire space is already fully leased on a triple-net basis. Unsurprisingly, Integrand Developers has been able to meet investors’ high expectations and have been hearing highly-satisfied feedback. 

Today, the company is expanding its operations and has acquired retail land in the Saint Cloud suburb of Orlando, Florida. This project is in collaboration with local partners. This expansion offers the opportunity for individuals in the area to invest and start building wealth that will bring benefits for generations to come.

Integrand Developers is a growing business founded by Arvind Reddy and Satya Kiran. With both founders hailing from the City of Hyderabad in India, their complementing values allow them to build a strong rapport and maximize their potential as partners. With similar values and thought banks, they are coming to be known as laser-sharp, unique, and precise in the services they offer to their clients.

Arvind Cheruku has been in the real estate company for over 12 years, and the US Small Business Administration recognized his exceptional skills as a business owner. He was awarded the 2015 Emerging Leader of the Year. On the other hand, Satya Guduru has 18 years of experience, including four years in retail development and construction, and has been involved in several high-profile projects, including the IDIQ USCAE Projects in the Middle East and Miami International Airport South Terminal.

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