April 21, 2024
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Is Your Roof Causing You To See Red? Cool It! With CES Commercial Roofing

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“At CES Commercial Roofing, we can’t control the weather, but we can help control how your property stands up to it,” said CES President Bob Qualey. Serving all of Florida from locations in Tampa, Englewood, Palm Harbor, and more, the industry’s leading in-house team at CES is here to ensure that the protective “lid” to your commercial, multifamily, or industrial buildings is safe and secure for good.

Everybody knows that flat commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and multifamily roofing can be a problem – especially when raging storms and hurtling hurricanes tumble across Florida, a space renowned for having the most significant number of thunderstorms year round.

And when these storm clouds hit, they often leave behind a staggering scale of wreckage in their path. Even a seemingly healthy roof can fall victim to immense heat damage because it takes the brunt of scorching hot UV rays year-round.

Delaying roof repair often makes the problem worse. Property owners and managers put off repairs as long as they can but leaks, cracks, and waterlogged ponding patches weaken the roof the longer they put off repairs. 

When signs of continuous deterioration make repairs necessary, finding the right commercial roofing contractor for the job is critical. 

“Don’t replace your roof!” says CES Commercial Roofing. “Refurbish it, and permanently stop your leaks.”

Renowned as one of the largest foam and coating contractors who deliver unmatched commercial, industrial, and multi-family solutions in Tampa, Orlando, and most other major cities throughout Florida and Texas, CES Commercial Roofing is taking the US by storm.

Thanks to their large-scale capabilities, the industry-leading experts at CES Commercial

Roofing {with over 50 years of collective experience} has serviced large and small propertiesn for years.

Spearheaded by Bob Qualey, {the company’s commercial roofing President}, the leading

experts in roof refurbishment and reroofing projects serve as the best in the business.

Specializing in roof restorations and re-roof systems such as foam and coating, metal, TPO, PVC, and modified roof systems, the in-house team will stop at nothing to help their clients get back on track. 

In addition to leading with loyalty, CES Commercial Roofing prides itself on one technique in particular – its energy-efficient waterproof liquid-applied foam and coatings process.

Applied to a flat or low-sloped commercial roof, multifamily roof, or industrial roof, the technique provides a seamless coating to protect the roof membrane from UV rays and other harmful weather conditions.

With the movement of nature, the roof coatings help decrease the expansion and contraction of the membrane by minimizing its temperature swings – prolonging the roof’s life.

This cool roofing system is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy during the summer. As a benefit, this lowers the temperature of the building, your energy consumption, and the workload on HVAC systems. 

“Therefore,” explains Qualey, “it’s not just cutting your electric bill but also prolonging the life expectancy of your HVAC units because they don’t work as hard.”

The coating provides a waterproof layer on your existing flat roof and improves the fire resistance of the roof system. However, when dealing with leaks, storm damage, or ponding, their niche silicone roofing system is an excellent option for restoring an existing flat roof.

It is also the only roof system that is warrantable against ponding water.

“The best value for the client would be to use the foam and coating, or we can do that with just coating alone,” Qualey says. “Either way, the process would be to clean the roof, make any repairs to the top, and apply the application of foam followed by the silicone or acrylic {if it’s a sloped roof or a low sloped roof}.

The material used is spray polyurethane foam (SPF) plus commercial-grade silicone and acrylic coating to provide the ultimate waterproof and energy-efficient roofing system.

Foam and coatings provide monolithic, seamless application across the entire system, self-flashing {no fasteners, adhesives, or rocks needed} and adhere around any type of protrusion, such as vent pipes and walls.

The unique thing about the foam is that CES Commercial Roofing can pitch the roof anywhere to provide proper drainage – thanks to a simple foam build-up. With a hose in hand, the workers use efficient and cost-effective methods to put a pitch on a roof while all equipment or materials stay on the ground.

The roofing project makes it completely unobtrusive to the business. 

“There’s no pounding or tear off in a refurbishment, and therefore there’s no interruption to tenants and customers,” says Qualey. “The other thing is that our warranties are renewable with foaming coatings. If the client gets a 15-year warranty, in the end, a quick clean and breeze coat

of additional silicone can extend our warranty another 15 years.”

Plus, “It’s a huge advantage for the client,” he says. “They get in at a lower price point in the

beginning, and can extend their warranty at the end of the term, whether that be a 10, 15, or 20-year term out of the gates.” 

And it doesn’t stop there. CES Commercial Roofing also applies interior foam insulation in new construction of industrial, commercial, and multi-family buildings, as well as tanks, refrigeration, and any other industrial and commercial facilities requiring insulation and coatings.

With Florida’s skyrocketing summer temperatures and year-round storms, it’s no wonder building owners and managers want to install spray foam roofs to cool it down or prevent leaks and future damage.

From refurbishment and replacement of commercial, industrial, and condominium flats and low-slope roof systems, and more; the certified roofing company is proud to serve all of Florida from locations in Tampa, Englewood, and Palm Harbor, and has recently moved to Houston, Texas – with plans for further expansion.

So, if you own or manage a building in Florida and want to stay on top of your roofing game, contact your local CES Commercial Roofing representative to begin. 

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