Ivan Cox Sets Sail: A Comical Cruise Adventure with Cruise Ship Doctor

Ivan Cox Sets Sail- A Comical Cruise Adventure with Cruise Ship Doctor
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By: Joshua Finley

From the charm of romantic comedies amidst the waves to the suspense of thrillers unfolding in the depths of the sea, novels set aboard cruise ships offer rich storytelling possibilities. Picture a floating microcosm, a community of strangers brought together by chance, now confined within the confines of a vessel for a week-long journey. This setting has long captivated authors, from Agatha Christie’s classic Death on the Nile, penned in 1937, to Amanda Eyre Ward’s contemporary family saga, a Reese’s Book Club selection in 2020.

The allure of cruise ship settings continues to inspire writers across genres, including recently published historical fiction. Whether it’s the opulent luxury of a 1934 liner sailing from New York to Havana or the backdrop of a 1939 voyage bound for South Africa, these novels transport readers to bygone eras while exploring timeless themes of love, intrigue, and human connection amidst the rolling waves.

Author Ivan Cox, better known as Dr. Gerry Yukevich in his professional life as a physician practicing on Martha’s Vineyard, is embarking on an exciting journey aboard the Norwegian Epic this November. But this isn’t just any ordinary cruise; it’s a 7-day adventure through the Caribbean to celebrate his novel, “Cruise Ship Doctor”.

The inspiration for “Cruise Ship Doctor” struck Ivan Cox after immersing himself in the fascinating world of cruise ship wonder. It all began when, after dining at a Chinese restaurant in Boston, Dr. Gerry Yukevich received a prophetic message from a fortune cookie: “Soon will have a new job on the high seas.” Little did he know, two weeks later, he would embark on an eight-year adventure as a part-time cruise ship doctor, alongside his work in a Boston emergency room.

Yukevich’s tenure as a cruise ship doctor not only offered medical challenges but also served as fertile ground for his literary aspirations. His novel, aptly named “Cruise Ship Doctor,” was initially published under the pseudonym Ivan Cox two decades ago. However, its reissue during the global pandemic, now receding into memory, posed an unexpected twist of fate.

Ivan Cox is excited to share his literary adventure whilst embarking on a cruise yet again. Departing from Port Canaveral on November 16, passengers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Cox’s comedic masterpiece while cruising the Caribbean. With laughter as the compass, this voyage promises to be an unforgettable experience for literature enthusiasts.

Throughout the journey, Cox will delight passengers with readings from Cruise Ship Doctor, sharing hilarious anecdotes and behind-the-scenes escapades from his own adventures as a ship’s doctor. Imagine lounging on the deck, with the soothing rhythm of the ocean as a backdrop, as Cox regales you with tales of medical misadventures and quirky characters from the high seas.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Joining Cox on deck is the esteemed piano soloist Adele Dreyer, who will enchant audiences with musical selections inspired by the lively scenes in Cruise Ship Doctor. From upbeat tunes to soulful melodies, Dreyer’s performances are sure to add an extra layer of magic to this already enchanting journey.

Ivan Cox Sets Sail
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For Cox, hosting a cruise like this has long been a dream, but the timing had to be just right. “I’ve always wanted to host a cruise like this, but I had to wait till the Covid epidemic faded. Now it’s safe, and my friend Chillie Falls is helping with the booking and scheduling,” Cox explains.

Cruise Ship Doctor is the perfect companion for this 7-day adventure. With its witty humor and infectious charm, the novel promises to keep passengers entertained from the moment they set sail until they return to Port Canaveral. Cox quips, “If you read 50 pages a day, you’ll finish the book when you get back to Port Canaveral!”

While Cox is best known for his comedic endeavors, his literary repertoire extends beyond laughter. LA Weekly profiled Cox earlier this year, highlighting his more serious work, including the poignant novel Blood Pudding. Set in early twentieth-century Pittsburgh, Blood Pudding is a mordant saga of immigrant life that offers a stark contrast to the lighthearted antics of Cruise Ship Doctor.

“Cruise Ship Doctor gives a laugh on every page, whereas Blood Pudding offers tears,” Cox reflects. “The two are very different visions, but both have remarkable and lovable characters, plenty of action, and their own distinct beauty.”

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