Jason W. Osborne: A Luminary in Education, Data Analysis and Statistics

Jason W. Osborne: A Luminary in Education, Data Analysis and Statistics
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In a world where the educational landscape faces unparalleled challenges, leaders must employ proven methodologies and make evidence-informed decisions. Jason W. Osborne, an accomplished thought leader in education, data analysis, and statistics, has used values-driven leadership to lead institutions, including Miami University, through these turbulent times and help position them to meet future challenges successfully.

A seasoned scholar, Osborne started his journey at the University of Rochester studying Psychology. This foundation spurred him to pursue a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, with a cognate in Statistics, at the University of Buffalo. His passion for teaching and mentoring soon led him to faculty positions at various universities, teaching statistics and research methods.

His impactful leadership first emerged during his stint as Department Chair and Professor at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. Here, Osborne undertook various initiatives to refresh and extend the curriculum and serve the needs of underserved communities by establishing free multidisciplinary community-based counseling centers- one of which was located inside a struggling high school. His time in Louisville saw him establishing an interdisciplinary educational research and policy center, echoing the university’s mission as a Carnegie “Highly Engaged University.”

He was subsequently recruited to serve as the Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School at Clemson University, where Osborne worked alongside leaders from across the university to amplify graduate and professional education across multiple locations, including online programs. During his tenure, he launched impactful graduate student success efforts, fostered a diverse and inclusive environment, and pioneered the GRAD360 professional development program.

Upon becoming Provost at Miami University, Osborne was handed the opportunity to reimagine the institution’s academic portfolio, student success infrastructure, global footprint, and faculty shared governance during a time of great upheaval for higher education. Armed with his years of experience and effective change management practices, he spearheaded a transformative strategic plan. From implementing 30 recommendations to establishing a residential Honors College, Osborne’s tenure marked significant positive changes at Miami University.

In 2022, Osborne served as a Special Assistant to the President, supporting advancement efforts and the development of a Certified Advancement Partner training for academic faculty, staff, and leadership. His current role as a Professor of Statistics and a Faculty Fellow at the Miami University Institute for Responsible Gaming, Sport, and Lottery is yet another testament to his dedication to academia and higher education.

Over the years, Osborne’s contributions to various fields illustrate his widespread impact on academics, learners, and leaders. As a thought leader, he has consistently brought scholarly thoughtfulness to institutions of higher education, most recently at Miami University. His leadership journey from teaching to becoming a Dean and then Provost underlines a clear record of accomplishments and business acumen in leading large, complex international organizations.

Moreover, Osborne’s expertise extends beyond education. His work as a consultant in statistics, research methods, evaluation, and scholarly partnership since 1995 has been recognized and valued across diverse fields. His publications on modern research methods and statistics have been cited over 37,000 times, placing him among the top 2% of researchers in the US and globally.

Whether it’s exploratory factor analysis or regression and linear modeling, Osborne’s extensive work and his approachable style have garnered widespread acclaim. His emphasis on data cleaning and assumption testing further underlines his commitment to producing reliable and reproducible outcomes in quantitative research.

With his unique blend of scholarly insight, leadership experience, and statistical expertise, Jason W. Osborne continues to blaze trails, fostering positive change in the higher education landscape. His steadfast commitment to education and leadership makes him a beacon of excellence in the uncertain world of today’s higher education.


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