Jivenson Verdul Equips Forex Market Enthusiasts for the Future

With many difficulties in generating much worth from the Forex market, Jivenson Verdul has grounds for achieving ambitions and becoming a successful career trader. His journey to success began with determination and hardship throughout the industry. Now, knowing the struggles of having incomplete knowledge and resources, he redefines the endless possibilities of the future by setting the right tools and mentors’ availability.

Jivenson is an extraordinary man aiming to help those facing the endeavors. By proving that anything is possible, he hopes to help turn dreams into reality with the will to work. The master of his fields initiates the mission of the FXCO Academy. In laying an educational foundation for starters to build and master Forex trading, he hopes to empower and create self-sufficient traders. Pursuing passion and a purpose-driven life becomes amiable through the efforts of the academy.

The FXCO Academy is a company founded by Jivenson Verdul’s brother, Jackenson. Jackenson and their group of professional mentors provide the tools that are vital to reaching financial prosperity, high-level education, personal engagement, mastering the market, and utilizing the progressive “Jackpot Strategy,” named after Jackenson. It offers a webinar vault, private group chats, and Forex brokers courses that transform unrealized potentials to make success happen. It also helps their clients develop the applicable skill set necessary for financial independence and personal development. Above all, the team conceived a charismatic presence of a community that works as a unit—caring for others and supporting causes.

Despite the competition in his field, Jivenson has grounds to believe he rises above others. He proves his stand by showing his audience the truth of the trading world he learns firsthand. As a self-taught trader, he uses his personal touch to be more available to the public through social media. Jivenson Verdul is a man of perseverance and creativity. His determination, open-mindedness, and positivity brought him to the path he is at present—as a visual content creator and as a mentor with a keen ability on trading.

Repeating the same pattern that led him to success, evident in Jivenson Verdul’s experiences, he inspires others to pursue their aspirations. His leadership draws attention to new clients worldwide. 

With his harnessed knowledge and vast experiences in the market, their community undergoes major growth and deals with a strategy made to be conventional yet show great results. FXCO Academy teaches fundamentals, ways to advance in multi-market analysis, and execution. Combined, it helps numerous traders globally, old and new, to market up with 3.5 million views and over 80 thousand subscribers in YouTube alone. 

Mr. Jivenson believes that having faith in oneself can lead visions to the best versions possible. In recent days, thousands of people from all walks of life have thrived with FX Capital Online’s help. 

Through his efforts, Jivenson Verdul continues to equip and prepare others about the knowledge of forex markets. Learn more about Jivenson Verdul by visiting his Instagram. Visit FXCO Academy’s website, Instagram, or YouTube channel to learn more.


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