Josh Waxman Unveils the Power of Infinite Banking and Unlocking Financial Freedom

Josh Waxman Banking and Unlocking Financial Freedom
Photo Courtesy: Josh Waxman

By: Seraphina Quin

In the heart of Miami’s Brickell financial district, a revolution is brewing. Josh Waxman, the CEO and Founder of Infinite Capital Solutions, is on a mission to empower individuals to break free from traditional financial constraints. Josh Waxman and his team are wielding an innovative strategy known as the Infinite Banking Concept. This approach leverages the power of whole life insurance to help clients take control of their financial destinies.

Josh’s company, Infinite Capital Solutions, is all about helping people break free from the restrictions of banks and credit unions. Their mission is to empower clients to create their own “private family banks” using, of all things, life insurance. Josh Waxman often describes it as “becoming your own banker.” Instead of your hard-earned money fueling someone else’s ventures, you leverage a specific type of life insurance—Whole Life Insurance—to build your own financial powerhouse.

“Think of it like unlocking a hidden superpower within your life insurance,” Josh explains. Most people don’t realize it, but certain whole life insurance policies have a cash value component. With Infinite Banking, this cash value becomes your own personal, tax-advantaged source of financing.

Here’s why Infinite Banking is a game-changer: Unlike the stock market, your policy’s cash value is guaranteed to grow at a set rate, meaning your money works for you steadily over time. Some policies pay dividends, like a bonus that increases both your cash value and your death benefit, making it a win-win. On top of that, your money grows tax-deferred, and any loans you take out against your policy are tax-free too. This tax advantage creates a powerful wealth-building engine. And let’s not forget the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is covered no matter what happens, thanks to the guaranteed death benefit of the life insurance policy.

So, you might be wondering, “How does it actually work?” Josh uses real estate as an example: “Let’s say you want to invest in a property. You can tap into your policy’s cash value for financing while the entire cash value still grows as if the loan never happened.” This gives you amazing flexibility compared to traditional banks. Plus, you have total control and privacy over your money.

Josh is adamant that Infinite Banking isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme; it takes planning and a long-term mindset. But if you’re ready to break free from traditional banking and build wealth in ways most people don’t even know exist, he believes this is a game-changer.

Looking back, Josh Waxman wasn’t always a finance guru. His path started with Philly cheesesteaks, not Wall Street. “I practically grew up in my dad’s Philly cheesesteak shops,” he recalls. Working alongside his father taught him a lot: the value of a strong work ethic, the responsibilities of leadership, and a burning desire to one day own his own business.

Josh took his entrepreneurial spirit to the University of Miami, where he studied finance and management. But even with a degree under his belt, he returned to his roots, opening two cheesesteak restaurants back in Philadelphia. While successful, running those restaurants wasn’t his forever dream. He admits, “I knew after a while that it wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term.”

Then, life took an unexpected turn. A series of events, including COVID, led Josh to sell his restaurants and head back to Miami. That’s when things got interesting. He landed a lucrative sales job in the lending industry. Josh’s ambition kicked in—he wasn’t just earning a salary; he was crushing goals and making his first six-figure years.

“Getting into sales, I proved to myself I could succeed in a different arena. Making good money was a rush, but then I met someone in the insurance industry doing things completely outside the box. His approach to wealth-building flipped a switch in my head. I knew I had to learn everything I could. The more I dug into insurance and the Infinite Banking Concept, the more it felt like the path I was meant to be on. Now here I am, building my own business and helping others break free from traditional financial limitations,” Josh reflects.

His belief in the Infinite Banking Concept has fueled Infinite Capital Solutions’ ambitious vision: to establish 1,000,000 private/family banks by 2034, empowering 10,000 Infinite Banking Practitioners along the way. Resources like his free eBook on, his personal website (, and his active social media presence (@JoshWaxmanSuccess and @RevolutionEdu) further serve his mission of increasing financial literacy.

All in all, Josh Waxman too has endured harsh criticism, setbacks, and significant financial hurdles. Despite those tests, his conviction remains unwavering. “You only have to be right once,” he shares. His track record speaks for itself: he leads a growing team of 10 agents in Miami’s financial heart, Brickell. Several agents are on pace to break six-figure commissions this year alone, with his top producer aiming for over a quarter of a million. Infinite Capital Solutions is expanding, and Josh Waxman is on the lookout for ambitious individuals eager to join his mission. If you’re coachable, driven, and ready to think outside the traditional financial box, this could be the opportunity to transform your own future.


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