Keigan Carthy Explains Why Your Ads Didn’t Work In The Past

Keigan Carthy Explains Why Your Ads Didn't Work In The Past

By: Monica Stevens

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, home service companies often struggle with ineffective advertising campaigns. Many businesses invest time and funds into their ads, only to see disappointing results. Keigan Carthy, founder of Vision Management, has helped numerous home service companies overcome these challenges. Here, he explains the common reasons why your ads may have failed in the past and how Vision Management’s expertise can turn things around.

Ineffective Offer

One of the common reasons your ads didn’t work is the lack of a compelling offer. According to Keigan, your offer is the cornerstone of your advertising campaign. If your offer isn’t attractive or competitive, potential customers will simply move on to other options. Vision Management emphasizes the importance of creating an irresistible offer that stands out in the crowded marketplace. This involves understanding your target audience’s needs and providing solutions that add value, ensure convenience, and offer unique benefits without necessarily cutting prices.

Poor Conversion Tracking

Another critical issue that Keigan highlights is poor conversion tracking. Many businesses fail to set up their tracking mechanisms correctly, such as the Facebook Pixel, which leads to inaccurate data and inefficient ad spending. Without proper tracking, it’s impossible to know which ads are driving results and which aren’t. Vision Management ensures that all conversion tracking mechanisms are properly set up and linked to the right ad accounts. This setup allows for precise data collection, enabling better optimization of your campaigns.

Narrow Audience Targeting

Keigan notes that overly narrow audience targeting can hinder the performance of your ads. While it might seem logical to target a very specific group, it can actually limit your reach and increase your costs. Vision Management advocates for broader audience targeting, allowing Facebook’s algorithm to do the heavy lifting. By letting the platform gather more data and identify the right people, you can achieve better results at a lower cost.

Ad Fatigue

Ad fatigue is another common problem that can cause your campaigns to stall. When your audience sees the same ad repeatedly, they become less responsive over time. Keigan recommends continuous creative testing to keep your ads fresh and engaging. Vision Management helps clients develop a variety of ad creatives, including different hooks, offers, and formats. Regularly updating your ads can maintain audience interest and improve conversion rates.

Inefficient Ad Account Structure

The structure of your ad account can significantly impact your campaign’s success. Keigan explains that many businesses overcomplicate their ad account setup, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. Vision Management simplifies this process by organizing campaigns based on specific end results, such as leads, conversions, or views. This clear structure helps Facebook’s algorithm learn and optimize more effectively, reducing wasted ad spend and improving overall performance.


Lack of Data-Driven Decisions

Making decisions without reliable data is a recipe for failure. Keigan emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making in digital marketing. Vision Management collects and analyzes data from all campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t. This data-driven approach allows for continuous optimization and better results over time. By focusing on key metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS) and time to purchase, Vision Management ensures that every dollar spent on advertising delivers maximum value.

Slow Follow-Up

One often overlooked aspect of successful advertising is the speed of follow-up. Keigan highlights that leads need to be contacted quickly to maximize the chances of conversion. Vision Management sets up systems that notify business owners immediately when a new lead comes in, ensuring that leads are contacted within minutes. Quick follow-up shows potential customers that you are responsive and reliable, increasing the likelihood of closing the sale.

Insufficient Long-Term Follow-Up

Not all leads will convert immediately, which is why long-term follow-up is crucial. Many businesses fail to maintain contact with potential customers over time, losing out on future sales opportunities. Vision Management advises setting up automated email and text sequences that keep leads engaged and nurtured. This consistent communication helps build trust and keeps your business top-of-mind when the customer is ready to make a purchase.


If your ads haven’t been performing as expected, it’s likely due to one or more of these common issues. Keigan Carthy and Vision Management have the expertise to identify and rectify these problems, transforming your advertising efforts into successful campaigns. By creating compelling offers, ensuring proper conversion tracking, targeting the right audience, keeping ads fresh, structuring ad accounts efficiently, making data-driven decisions, and optimizing follow-up processes, Vision Management can help your home service business achieve impressive results and sustained growth.

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