Kelton Norman of Coach Keno Sends Across Messages of Hope and Inspiration on Instagram

The strongest individuals are those who survived hitting rock bottom and bounced back to become better versions of themselves. True enough, no one understands the value of formative experiences more than survivors of seemingly insurmountable challenges. As one of the laudable figures who had to go through trials by fire and endure many sacrifices, Kelton Norman of Coach Keno took it upon himself to give testimonials and sound pieces of advice on what it takes to get from point A to where he is in life today. 

Currently hailed as a credible source of insight, inspiration, and guidance, Kelton Norman translated his growing pains into reliable pillars from which aspirants and dreamers can draw strength and courage. On a mission to motivate others to reclaim their power and step into their light, he stands out in the industry with his story of surviving and thriving. Determined to accomplish his goals, the mind coach banks on personal experiences to help individuals who have lived through extraordinary circumstances create a life of meaning and purpose.

According to Kelton Norman, growing up around a loving and inspired home was a catalyst for inspiring those who have lost their way or looking to chart a different course. As a southern country guy at heart, hospitality was the staple of the community. “You simply treated people how you desired to be treated,” the mind coach explained. 

Today, Kelton Norman continues to fulfill his lifelong purpose as he inspires daily through his social media channel on Instagram. As a matter of fact, the said platform was what pushed him to embark on a journey towards becoming a certified transformation coach. At the core of his career lies the vision of molding other people into the best versions of themselves. He wants nothing more than to help others realize their potential and own their strengths. 

As someone who enjoys seeing the best in people, Kelton Norman is not afraid of going the extra mile to remind them of the importance of grit, perseverance, and determination. For this reason, he created Coach Keno as an avenue where like-minded individuals can come together and inspire one another. 

When Kelton Norman is not supporting an active lifestyle, he finds time to be a brand ambassador and fashion enthusiast. In an interview, the mind coach shared that taking care of one’s outer appearance is a form of self-care. “When you care about your appearance, it just makes you feel better,” he said. Aside from that, he also placed emphasis on the power of gratitude in overcoming obstacles. “When we are reminded of all that we have, it helps us overcome any hard punches that life throws at us,” he added. 

When asked about what sets him apart from other life coaches, Kelton Norman said that being a minority allowed him to fully grasp what it meant to overcome obstacles and being disregarded. More than anything, he understands that everyone is blessed with a gift and a sense of passion that burns inside of them. 

As an empowered mind coach who was once intimate with pain, Kelton Norman helps people alleviate their suffering and find abundant joy through his platform, Coach Keno. Learn more about Kelton by following him on Instagram


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