Khalil Lambert Has Been Highly Influencing the Private Jet Industry in Miami, Florida

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

In 2021, Khalil Lambert partnered with a private Jet company named TapJets – a full-service travel company, facilitating arrangements for individuals and corporations. TapJets has multiple aircrafts listed in their fleet available for charter, ranging from light jet options to ultra-long-range aircrafts that are more than suitable to fly across the country.

 Throughout Khalil’s career, He has had the opportunity to assist professional athletes such as Vonn Bell, David Montgomery, Jarvis Landry, and many other well-known Athletes. He also has assisted famous celebrities such as Young Dolph, Lil Durk, Ray J, and many more public figures. Khalil has proven that he can grow important business relationships with celebrities and social media influencers. Throughout the years, he has networked with some of the hottest personalities.  

Leaving his career as Lil Wayne’s personal assistant, Khalil sought to create new opportunities for himself. TapJets introduced Khalil Lambert, as a new Private Aviation Partner to network and connect with individuals in the travel industry. Since entering the intoxicating industry of opulent travel, Khalil has shown major success providing exceptional services for high profile clientele. Khalil has an extensive background in luxury sales and experience in private aviation travel. while working with various well-known celebrities, Khalil is well suited to handle all your personal travel needs.


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