Kid Lit Music Ushers In a New Era for the LGBTQI+ Through His Artistry

Popular and successful singer, songwriter, and music producer Kid Lit Music is fast becoming the champion of LGBTQI+ advocates as he embarks on a unique journey to speak and sing boldly about issues involving the group to promote inclusivity and equality. As he ushers in a new era for the LGBTQI+ community through his music, the well-loved music artist hopes to further open the eyes of the world to worthy causes that involve the community. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York to Caribbean immigrants, Kid Lit Music grew up attending church and began his musical journey when he was recruited to sing for several renowned gospel choirs and singing groups. Living in an immigrant community that proved to be unwelcoming to LGBTQI+ individuals, Kid Lit Music spent a large portion of his childhood and adolescent life hiding his true self. 

When Kid Lit Music began attending Vanderbilt University, he still kept his sexuality a secret, but he tapped into more of his musical genius. He lent his voice as a background vocalist for Weetu and the Truth, a local band in Nashville, TN. Selected as the winner of Vanderbilt’s Battle of the Bands, Kid Lit Music sang as an opening act for Pharrell, N.E.R.D., rapper TI, Santigold, and Q-Tip. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Kid Lit Music pursued a career in sales and invested in his musical production career. 

With a professional background in music production, writing and background vocals, Kid Lit Music released his highly anticipated album Litty Kitty Volume 1 in 2018. Following the critical acclaim and success of this project, Kid Lit Music released the 2nd volume in 2020. Thousands of streams later, he has made his mark on all ages, races, genders and classes, proving himself to be an individual with unstoppable passion and overflowing creativity. Kid Lit Music dreams of collaborating with Azealia Banks, Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliott, Tyler, The Creator, and Channel Tres. 

For his latest project, Kid Lit Music collaborated with celebrity photographer Vivian Vo (@vivianvoproductions), celebrity stylist Steven Lasalle (@stylebylassalle @stevenlassalle_), with set assistance from Heaven Le (@heavennle) and Juliette Nicole (juliettenicolev). Behind the scenes footage was captured by James Anthony (@jamesstep) at the Luxe Galore Studio  (@theluxegaloremiami) in Miami owned by Angolina Amores (@angolinaamores). Actor Phil Ductan (@iamphilductan), known for his work on Uncle Drew (2018), Assassin’s Creed (2016) and Hap and Leonard (2016) was also present on set. The images used were edited by celebrity makeup artist Kaz Torres (@kltorrez). 

Community, perseverance, love and acceptance are just a few of the messages that can be found in Kid Lit Music’s body of work. A modern musician with an eye for fashion and entertainment, Kid Lit Music encourages his listeners to be boldly and unforgivably true to themselves. 

Freedom of expression and authenticity can both be heard in Kid Lit Music’s latest release, “LGBTQI.” Kid Lit created this track in response to the controversial hate speech that rapper Da Baby shouted at the Miami edition of Rolling Loud. Kid Lit says, “I was physically at Rolling Loud. When I saw all the press surrounding the comments Da Baby made, I was infuriated and knew I had to speak out against and educate those who supported these dangerous statements.”

Kid Lit Music expresses his Black queer male sexuality on his terms. He proudly calls himself a “Butch Queen,” definitively a gay male who is neither extremely masculine nor extremely feminine, but has the mannerisms of both. Kid Lit Music explains, “I want society to be able to embrace every letter of the gay alphabet. It is important we live our lives in authenticity and avoid shaming those who want to live in their truth.” 

And as he continues to live his truth, Kid Lit Music aspires to inspire members of the LGBTQI+ community who continue to live in fear or hide their true selves for fear of being disrespected, rejected, and harmed. As he calls for a united move to promote respect for individualism, there is no doubt that he will be a bearer of light in a dark time for the LGBTQI+ community. 

Listen to the powerful verses championing LGBTQI+ inclusivity and equality on Kid Lit Music’s latest release “LGBTQI” by visiting this website


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