April 16, 2024
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KING LUXE CLUB Acquires Limited Xago Edition for Exclusive Club Members

Industry leaders, with their lavish lifestyle and a go-getter attitude, inspire people to settle for nothing less than the best. Within the community of such highly-driven individuals is KING LUXE CLUB (KLC), a society focused on strengthening relationships between entrepreneurs from various industries who share the same passion for luxury cars, private plane rides, and endeavors to live life to the fullest. Recently, the club made a buzz with its acquisition of the limited edition Aventador SVJ Xago Edition.

KING LUXE CLUB is a premier institution for people across the world who aim to achieve the most luxurious lifestyle possible. The club gathers elite individuals from many countries, mostly business tycoons, prominent personalities, and budding entrepreneurs, to enjoy life, grow together, enrich investment strategies, and participate in various social events.

Among its many perks, KING LUXE CLUB members are provided with exclusive concierge services in exotic cars. Available for KLC’s use is the Aventador SVJ Xago Edition, dubbed as “the number 1 car in the world!” The Aventador SVJ Xago Edition is currently one of the most coveted vehicles in the luxury car scene and a top-of-mind choice for millionaires and moguls worldwide.

With its strong ties with Lamborghini, the brand behind Aventador SVJ Xago edition, KING LUXE CLUB immediately obtained possession of the limited edition vehicle. Only ten units were produced globally, and KLC was entrusted with one of them. Thanks to such well-built relationships with various businesses in multiple industries, club members are entitled to enjoy nothing but the most luxurious things in life. 

KING LUXE CLUB was founded by Abhi Malhota, also known as KING AM. Coming from a family of liquor magnates, KING AM grew up with the privilege of experiencing a life of pure luxury, from his birthplace India, to Dubai, where he was raised, and eventually in the United States. It has been his goal to inspire other people to lead better lives and spend money on what truly matters—personal experiences and family. As the sole proprietor of KLC, KING AM is determined to grow the circle bigger every day and spread the luxury lifestyle further.

Beyond financial and business connections, KING LUXE CLUB wants to instill among its members the value of building lifetime friendships and finding like-minded individuals with the same passions and interests. With its diverse network of professionals, including CEOs, doctors, and lawyers, KLC is indeed serving its purpose as an avenue for global tastemakers and change leaders. 

Besides forming a social circle, KING LUXE CLUB also ventures into building several brands under its umbrella. The club will soon launch its very own vodka and single-malt scotch, fitting the taste of its renowned members. A few years back, the club also launched KLC Real Estate, which is already in operations building residential properties available for the market. 

Furthermore, KING LUXE CLUB has paid its success forward by extending its influence outside its circle amid the COVID-19 pandemic. KLC, in partnership with local businesses in New York City, has provided support in every way possible to uplift local business owners during the trying times. In addition, KING LUXE CLUB has continually fulfilled its mission to help charities and cancer patients in the country through various fundraising efforts. 

Learn more about KING LUXE CLUB through its website.

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