April 16, 2024
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KnowWake Introduces a New Weather Feature in Its App to Help Users Explore their Favorite Waterways Better

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

KnowWake has been the perfect companion for surfers, boaters, snorkeling enthusiasts, waterfront marinas and restaurant owners over the years by helping them find their way and easily explore different waterfront locations. Now the app has added a new weather feature called the Marine Weather Forecast Suite which gives users a wide range of features like tides, temperature, wind speed & direction, swell heights, water temperature, precipitation, sunrise & sunset, moon phases, and many more.

“The new marine weather suite will be a huge addition for our current and new users to plan their day and while on the water. Now reliable marine navigation and weather forecasts will be available all within one app!” Mack Abbott , Public Relations Manager of KnowWake said.

The new feature now gives users a more complete app that makes their exploration and navigation of waterways seamless and more fun. The KnowWake app is a free app for Apple and Android devices that originated from Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. Through its remarkable features, the app covers coastal and inland waterways and over 500 lakes and river systems. Users also get to easily explore over 40,000 verified dockside and waterfront locations by boat and will find all the facilities they need on their exploration such as local restaurants, marinas, fuel docks, launch ramps, dive shops, inlets, dive sites, snorkel areas, town docks, and many more.

KnowWake is more than just a navigation app. It’s leered towards building a community of like-minded explorers. It takes a short verification to join the community where users share their locations and give updates about their activities. On the KnowWake app, users get to see over 6,000 miles of color-coded wake zones that stay accurate and change with the seasons and any locally posted signage. Over 60,000 channel markers, buoys and beacons guide the way and helpful tools like point-to-point routing, location sharing between users, a depth gauge that displays the user’s current depth or anywhere on the chart, vessel tracks and trip logging, safety checklists, automated float plan, an anchor alarm, an easy-to-deploy virtual dive flag and more are included as features in the application.

Beyond all the remarkable features that make water exploration easier and fun, KnowWake takes safety into major consideration with its on-water user reports that include  hazards, police, marine animals, raft-ups and sandbar party locations, PLUS an SOS button that communicates directly with the KnowWake community and/or local rescue authorities.

KnowWake aims to be the perfect companion for everyone who enjoys spending time around water bodies and everything related. The company will be present at the Emerge America Conference holding in April in Miami, Florida.

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