April 21, 2024
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Lacsnac Hosts BOOBIES ON THE BEACH Event to Celebrate National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

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Lacsnac, an advocate for breastfeeding mothers and a provider of lactation-supportive products, recently hosted a heartwarming event called BOOBIES ON THE BEACH, bringing together mothers in support of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. The event took place on August 11, 2023, at Atlantic Dunes Park Beach in South Florida.

Moms from various cities such as Boca, Delray, Boynton Beach, and Miami gathered on the sandy shores of Atlantic Dunes Park Beach to enjoy an evening of camaraderie, sharing of experiences, and celebrating the natural beauty of breastfeeding. The event provided mothers with a platform to connect, relax, and share insights about their nursing journey.

Founder and CEO of Lacsnac, Molly Wilson, herself a breastfeeding alum, expressed the significance of the event for the company and the community. She shared, “As a breastfeeding alum myself, I know how hard the days can be: the washing pump parts, the feeling like Mom’s not providing enough, and the sleepless nights. To me, Lacsnac is my capstone career moment… I knew I had to share the #LactationLove!”

BOOBIES on the BEACH™ at the South Florida pop-up witnessed a remarkable turnout, with a dozen moms joining the event. The event provided an opportunity for mothers to connect with one another, share their breastfeeding experiences, and enjoy the stunning sunset while their children played by the ocean. Local mothers seized the chance to engage in meaningful conversations, learn from each other’s nursing journeys, and capture golden-hour memories.

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Attendees of the event also had the chance to enjoy refreshments from Raw Juce, promoting both health and lactation. Molly Wilson further described the event: “Moms were given access to incredible content for their own social media and of course their baby books! They were sent home with ‘Swag Bags’ which included Lacsnac products, a pink satin robe for when Mom wants to add a bit of luxury to her everyday Mom mode.”

The event was not just a moment of connection but a step towards breaking the stigma around breastfeeding in public. The gathering encouraged mothers to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding and brought awareness to the importance of breastfeeding at a time when the availability of formula is limited, and the long-term health benefits of breastfeeding are highly sought after.

Reflecting on the state of lactation nurses and communities in Florida, Molly Wilson stated, “Florida, along with the rest of the country, has a substantial shortage of Lactation Nurses within hospitals.” In response to this challenge, Lacsnac has embarked on a mission to support Lactation Nurses and fund their presence in more hospitals across the country. With each Lacsnac purchase, a portion is allocated to this mission.

Lacsnac’s dedication to supporting new mothers extends beyond events. The company has launched the “Starting Strong, Breastfeeding Long National Hospital Program,” designed to equip new mothers with the necessary resources for a successful nursing journey. Hospitals are encouraged to partner with Lacsnac to provide mothers with a 7-10 day supply of products, enabling them to begin their breastfeeding journey with confidence.

Molly Wilson spoke about the essence of Florida as an ideal location for the company’s operations, stating, “Living here I know that we really value health and wellness, diversity in all the best ways and we value aesthetic inspiration, right?” The natural beauty and commitment to health and wellness in Florida serve as a perfect backdrop for Lacsnac’s mission to support breastfeeding mothers.

Lacsnac continues to offer a wide range of products that cater to nursing parents and those supporting them. Whether it’s mothers themselves or individuals such as grandmothers, mother-in-laws, partners, or friends, Lacsnac products are available at and on Amazon.

As National Breastfeeding Awareness Month unfolds, Lacsnac’s BOOBIES ON THE BEACH event stands as a testament to the power of community and shared experiences among mothers. The event not only provided an opportunity for connection but also contributed to breaking down barriers around breastfeeding in public. Lacsnac’s commitment to supporting breastfeeding mothers and lactation nurses demonstrates their dedication to improving the lives of mothers and their children across the nation.

To learn more about Lacsnac, visit their official website.

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