Life on the Line: The Lifesaving Impact of the 988 Hotline

Life on the Line- The Lifesaving Impact of the 988 Hotline

By: Maria Williams

In a world where mental health struggles often remain hidden behind closed doors, Gretchen, co-host and podcast business manager of “Sh!t That Goes on in Our Heads,” bravely shares her journey of resilience, healing, and the transformative power of storytelling. Through her podcast, Gretchen aims to break the silence surrounding mental health, foster healing connections, and provide hope to those navigating their own mental wellness journeys.

The significance of the 988 hotline in Gretchen’s life cannot be overstated. On December 25, 2022, this hotline became her lifeline, a beacon of hope in her darkest hour. It is a testament to the lifesaving potential of mental health support services and the importance of reaching out for help in times of crisis.

“Sh!t That Goes on in Our Heads” is not just another podcast; it is a platform for healing and connection. Named one of the Top Mental Health Podcasts for 2024 by Podcast Tonight, it has quickly garnered recognition for its candid conversations, diverse range of guests, and commitment to normalizing discussions around mental health.

Gretchen and her co-host, known affectionately as Dirty Skittles, invite guests from all walks of life to share their mental health journeys. From survivors of trauma to advocates for change, each episode offers a glimpse into the complexity of the human experience and the myriad paths to wellness. By sharing their stories, guests not only find healing but also provide invaluable support and inspiration to listeners worldwide.

The Lifesaving Impact of the 988 Hotline
Photo Courtesy: Sh!t That Goes on in Our Heads

One of the podcast’s core missions is to explore the spectrum of therapies and treatments available for mental health disorders. Gretchen believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness and encourages listeners to explore different modalities until they find what works best for them. Whether it’s traditional talk therapy, mindfulness practices, or alternative therapies like art or music therapy, the podcast seeks to empower individuals to take control of their mental health journey.

Despite the challenges of managing a podcast alongside their day-to-day responsibilities, Gretchen and Dirty Skittles remain committed to their mission. From pre-interviewing guests to maintaining their website and social media presence, they have developed systems and checklists to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Their dedication to transparency and authenticity shines through in every episode, creating a safe space for listeners to share their own experiences and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

Looking ahead, Gretchen dreams of expanding the reach of “Sh!t That Goes on in Our Heads” and being recognized by prestigious award programs like the Webbys. Yet, at its core, the podcast will always remain a beacon of hope for those struggling with mental health challenges. By sharing her story and the stories of others, Schoser hopes to spark conversations, foster healing, and ultimately, save lives.

To learn more about “Sh!t That Goes on in Our Heads” and join the conversation on mental health, visit their website and follow them on social media. Together, we can break the silence, erase the stigma, and support each other on the journey to wellness.

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