April 16, 2024
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LivRiot Shatters the Glass Ceiling, Coming Out on Top with Unbridled Creativity For the Entire World to See

Art direction is an often understated element of any massive production. It is a particularly creative facet that is actually more noticeable when poorly executed. For those in the know, the differences can be staggering, but the general populace usually just moves along without a moment’s notice. It’s an odd phenomenon that often brings little attention to the unsung creatives who work tooth and nail to make things perfect behind the scenes. 

Fortunately, a recent paradigm shift has brought more attention to these all-important yet subtle details. With younger audiences garnering a deeper appreciation for the art form, it’s high time for creatives to take a stand and live life on their own terms–championing their craft the way they want to, harkening back to how art was always meant to be. Ashley Livingston Litwin is leading the charge for this creative liberation with her aptly named brand LivRiot.

LivRiot is the renowned personal brand of Emmy Award-Winning Technical Artist Ashley Livingston Litwin. More than just a brand, it is a powerful movement that hopes to inspire other creatives to riot and break free from the boxes that have tried to contain their true artistry. The brand boasts artistic collaborations with big-name clients such as Netflix, Airbnb, Apple, and E! Network’s “Live from the Red Carpet.” 

LivRiot operates in a variety of ways in the realm of digital creative production, art direction, executive production, and art consultancy. Established in 2014, the company has worked on globally renowned awards shows such as the Billboard Music Awards, Academy Awards, and the MET Gala. Specializing in Scenic Artistry, Television Production, and Executive Production for live shows, Ashley Livingston Litwin brings her unabashed passion for creative work across a plethora of entertainment projects. 

From music to live television, LivRiot has managed to deliver remarkable results without fail. The brand’s true secret lies in Ashley’s uncompromising artistic vision. Never one to fit the mold, the famed art director makes creatives for clients according to her own personal convictions. “I try to put myself in the shoes of not only my client and what best serves them, but also the consumer and the desires of the audience,” shared Ashley.

It’s this sense of artistic empathy for consumers that has managed to resonate with audiences from all around the world. As a result, LivRiot has awakened a deep love for art within people from all walks of life, tapping into everyone’s creative soul and granting them a new lens for appreciating the amount of work put into even the tiniest details. 

Ultimately, LivRiot was established to inspire people to live life by their own rules and no one else’s. “Many times, creatives and people get stuck in working and living life in a specific way that their peers, family, and society tells them to. So, my brand was inspired to motivate people to get out of that cliche way of thinking and discover their own personal passions and goals,” explained Ashley.

Unfazed by societal pressure and the negativity that she was fed during the early days of her career, Ashley Livingston Litwin has become a living testament to her brand’s success. LivRiot is as much of a personal triumph as it is a global creative movement. Gone are the days when people were shackled by the opinions of others. Instead, belief in oneself and one’s capabilities should be the new norm, and LivRiot has proven time and time again that success is truly possible when it all starts from within. 

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