Luhanna Mostajo Inspiring Young People Work on their Dreams

Every dream is valid, but the extent to which this statement is true sometimes depends on the location or the space where one operates from. Born in Lima, Peru, it took Luhanna Mostajo to relocate to Miami, FL, before she realized that she could be unstoppable and pursue all of her childhood dreams. The best part of her relocation is growing up in an environment where anyone could aspire and achieve; therefore, if the United States is the land that is free for all, Luhanna’s 21 years stay in the country and pushing beyond her limits is a testament to that.

Luhanna Mostajo is a 24-year-old model who was born in Lima, Peru, before moving to Miami, FL, at the age of 3 years old—currently living in Los Angeles as a model and fashion influencer who has worked with giant fashion companies like Fashion Nova, Missy Empire, Dolls Kill, Parade. She has also established a strong following for herself on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she successfully grew her following from 6,000 to 335,000 within a year.

For Luhanna, fashion is universal, and regardless of gender or race, everybody should wear what they like and feel inspired by. Therefore, as a fashion brand influencer, she reaches out to men and women who desperately seek fashion tips and advice and are torn between what goes for what occasion. As a result, Luhanna’s social media pages have become a training ground where everybody can pick up a fashion tip or two regardless of age.

On her motivation, Luhanna attributes her drive to the desire to control her time, schedule and most importantly, make money remotely. And despite an array of options that laid before her as a teenager, she always wanted to be in fashion because, according to her, she has always found the idea of modelling and working in fashion appealing. And today, she describes her work as the most fulfilling she could ever be, “Building my brand and image was the way I found to make that possible for myself. I have seen people with large personal brands make money online, travel and truly live a financially free lifestyle which inspired me. It’s rewarding to be able to inspire so many others to do the same.”

In addition to reaching people of all ages with the latest fashion trends and inspiration, Luhanna is reaching out to young people to inspire them to go out and work on themselves and their dreams. “Never be too afraid to go after your dreams with everything you have.” She notes that the fear of failure is what has held countless people back, but in her words, “The biggest mistake you can make in life is not to try.”

Five years from now, Luhanna sees herself taking a more hands-on approach towards achieving her entrepreneurial goals by building more income streams for herself, “I see myself getting into Real Estate and getting a rental property.” She summed.Connect with Luhanna Mostajo by following her on Instagram.


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