Madison LeCroy Traveled Across the Country for a Smile Makeover with Veneers by Dr. Tyler Hales

The perfect smile transformation can truly change one’s life, and Dr. Tyler Hales is the top-of-mind choice for celebrities, TV personalities, influencers, and many prominent personalities, such as Bravo TV’s Southern Charm belle, Madison LeCroy. Trusting the hands of dental and cosmetic expert Dr. Tyler Hales, the TV star was confident her veneers would be the transformational makeover that would boost her confidence to the next level.

Dr. Tyler Hales has grown in popularity over the years in the cosmetic dentistry space. Specializing in veneers and smile makeovers, the professional has seen his share of renowned individuals who do not hesitate to fly halfway across the country for his services. Based in South Orange County, California, Dr. Hales has served clients from all over the United States, including Madison LeCroy, who has flown from the other end of the country to the West Coast to get her veneers done by him.

The TV star shared that she has been a little insecure about her smile, especially in front of the camera, since her teeth are on the smaller side. Madison always envisioned having a brighter and bigger smile. She wanted to be 100% happy and satisfied every time she saw herself in the mirror rather than try to hide what was supposed to be one of her best assets. “When I first had my braces off when I was 15 years old, the orthodontist said, ‘You may want to have veneers on some of these teeth that are smaller.’ Once that seed was planted in my head, I knew I was going to get veneers eventually,” said Madison. 

“I chose Dr. Hales because his portfolio is amazing. Sometimes you have to be willing to put in the work to get what you want, which is why I have flown across the country to see him for my veneers,” Madison added. “This new smile has been life-changing for me. I honestly have not stopped smiling since getting my veneers. My confidence is through the roof. I didn’t realize this new smile could have such an impact on my confidence. Before my veneers, I wasn’t smiling as much or as big as I am now. My smile is the first thing that people see, and now they can see how happy I am.”

On top of his expert hands in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Hales is also known for his unrivaled customer service, which made the smile makeover experience worth all the while for Madison, who recounted that the procedure was simple and painless. In addition, Dr. Hales exuded confidence in his craft, and his warm and welcoming personality is another reason why A-listers chose him from far and wide. 

“I would highly suggest this for anyone thinking about it. Coming to Dr. Hales was the best experience. I don’t ever see myself going anywhere else,” Madison said. “I am so happy. Dr. Hales made this such a great experience. Dr. Hales literally changes people’s lives; it’s amazing. He’s the best of the best,” the TV personality added.


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