Mandy Corrente: Music Prodigy Continues Her Music Takeover with New Single, “Butterfly” and an Upcoming Album

By Carlos Camargo

Mandy Corrente is redefining what it means to be a child star as she seems to be getting it all right at just seven years old. The Miami, Florida-born child prodigy is a talented pop and urban singer, actress, and dancer. She has made her mark in the United States and Latin America while also taking full advantage of her social media presence. Her ability to sing in both English and Spanish has also set up for success among her target audience. So far, she has seven singles to her credit: two in English and five in English and Spanish. Her latest release, “Butterfly,” is the teaser for her upcoming album scheduled for release at the end of 2021.

With her video views going up to more than 70 million and with thousands of social media followers, Mandy Corrente is a budding star that lives in the hearts of thousands of music fans. Mandy also makes sure to interact with her fans through her social media pages on TikTok and Instagram. Mandy Corrente hit the music scene running with her debut single titled “Sunday Funday” before following it up with the children’s “Birthday Party” song. Her hit single “Cotton Candy” cemented her spot as a child star to watch in the industry. Her other songs include “Sleepover,” “All My Love,” which was released on Valentine’s day, and the most recent “Butterfly,” which talks about the journey of a girl with Latin roots.

Mandy Corrente’s mother, Daniela Corrente, plays a big role in her music career, from production to writing her songs and making sure they reach the right audience. Mandy’s music projects positivity and inspiration to get the audience to believe in their dreams and pursue them. She featured in the highly-rated NBC talk show, The Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Mandy was interviewed by Mario López, and since then, she has continued to receive recognition from different angles in the music world and all over the world.

With one foot still in the realm of acting, she is currently taking acting classes to prepare her for upcoming film roles that she might be a good fit for. One of the highlights of Mandy’s journey so far is being featured in famous singer Shakira’s Instagram story, where Shakira was quoted to have said, “You are already a superstar.” Mandy’s superstar status is unquestioned, and there is more ground for her to conquer over the next few years. Her passion for singing and dancing is the perfect requirement to achieve her goal of holding concerts in different parts of the world in a few years. She currently passes as the poster girl for child stars, and one of her goals is to see children flourish in any field they choose, especially music or acting. It is worth noting that Mandy takes singing and guitar classes at Mama Jan’s Music studio, better known as the vocal coach of Justin Bieber, Usher, Rob Thomas and many more.

She hopes to inspire children to let go of everything holding them back and pursue their dreams and allow their talents to manifest. With her upcoming album, Mandy Corrente hopes to see her career move to the heights she desires and help her gain more fans worldwide.

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