Mandy Corrente Promotes Positivity in Latest Single “Style”

By: Carlos Camargo

Children are often told to work hard so they can achieve their dreams when they grow up. But seven-year-old multi-talented sensation Mandy Corrente is already living the life of her dreams. This young singer is excited to announce the release of her latest single, “Style,” produced by Homero Gallardo. This upbeat song showcases Mandy’s growth as a singer and performer while simultaneously giving a message of positivity and self-love set to a catchy beat.

Mandy Corrente, hailing from Miami, Florida, was born to perform. She started dancing when she was three years old, taking dance classes from well-established studios in Miami. Mandy can dance to several styles, including hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom, jazz, and ballet. She has won several awards from dance competitions this year. Aside from dance, Mandy is also into gymnastics.

At the tender age of 5, Mandy Corrente made her first song, solidifying her passion for the performing arts. In 2020, Mandy started releasing her singles on various streaming platforms alongside fun and colorful music videos. With the help of her mom and manager, Daniela Corrente, Mandy is slowly building her career as an artist.

Mandy Corrente is a talented and vibrant young girl, and her personality is perfectly encapsulated in the songs she has released. Her simple lyrical style drives home each song’s message of fun and positivity, which her young fans are sure to appreciate. Mandy’s music is the perfect catchy and upbeat tune to brighten anyone’s day. Another aspect of Mandy’s music that sets her apart is the use of English and Spanish in her songs. It is a way to celebrate her heritage and culture while giving kids with similar backgrounds songs that can represent them.

Mandy Corrente has released nine singles so far, and each one showcases vocal and lyrical growth. This young artist has worked hard to release new songs that are better than the last ones. Each one is a fresh new take on simple joys that children her age experience. With topics ranging from birthdays, sleepovers, butterflies, cotton candy, and summer, Mandy’s songs illustrate scenes of a happy childhood.

“Style,” Mandy Corrente’s recently released single, is all about self-expression and self-love through fashion. Before this song was made, the budding fashionista was asked what she wanted to sing about next. Mandy chose style as her next song inspiration, in addition to inspiration from her mom and manager, Daniela. It’s impressive that a message of love and identity can come from a song made by such a young person. This single invites young fans to be themselves and choose clothes that make them feel happy and confident. 

Big things are happening as Mandy Corrente moves forward with her musical career. This year, this Miami rising star started collaborating with renowned music producer Poobear, who has worked with giants in the music industry like Justin Bieber, Shakira, and Maluma. 

Mandy Corrente may be young, but she knows what she wants, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams. An accomplished dancer and recording artist, Mandy is conquering the Miami music scene. Soon, she will become a worldwide superstar.

“Style” is out now on all music streaming platforms and YouTube. For updates on Mandy Corrente’s latest projects, you may follow her on Instagram.


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