April 16, 2024
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Marc Effron: A Visionary Advocate for Addiction Recovery and Holistic Healing

Marc Effron
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As a serial entrepreneur and recovery advocate, Marc Effron has executive produced and supported a series of educational films and documentaries that have impacted millions in the recovery community. In an effort raise awareness and educate the masses, Marc partners with talented film makers like Director/Producer Jim Wahlberg of Wahl Street Productions to create pieces like “Circle of Addiction”, “What About the Kids”, and most recently “Out of the Ashes”.

There is no doubt that the effects of addiction on our nation have been crippling. The opioid epidemic has forced us to look at more aggressive ways to combat this disease. Marc Effron has been at the forefront of the battle against addiction for quite some time now. Marc himself has been sober for 15 years and is passionate about shedding light to the idea that with the right tools; those struggling with addiction can recover. He spends his life in gratitude for his family and his own sobriety but also in service to those still fighting their own personal battles. Marc believes that by promoting awareness, highlighting testimonies like his and finding safer and more holistic ways to fight addiction; he will continue to inspire others to find sobriety. 

Marc along with his business partners; founded Legacy Healing Centers, a behavioral health facility in multiple states throughout the US, on the premise that we would do addiction treatment differently here. Safer, more holistic, more client focused has always been the goal. Legacy is Marcs passion project. SAMHSA the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration believes that “Mental health problems and substance use disorders sometimes occur together”. Marc has seen the effects of this and believes that if we find ways to cope with underlying issues, we can better cope with difficult experiences as they come up. This is one of the ideas behind boxing as therapy and why Legacy Healing Center, brings this to their clients. Boxing therapy is one of those ideas that highlight the out-of-the box thinking that Marc Effron brings into every room he enters. Boxing therapy brings the physical expression of energy and release of endorphins along with a therapeutic undertone to teach a different way of dealing with built up emotions. 

Why stop there? Why not teach these skills from adolescence? You see, Marc believes that if we reach the youth, we can help curve the rising statistics of young adults that are losing their lives to addiction daily. That is why he has worked with over 100 underserved youth in the community of Pompano Beach FL to provide boxing therapy in a structured and supportive environment. The programs provide regular exercise to promote feelings of wellbeing and happiness, discipline which can be helpful for youth who may struggle with impulsive behavior, build self-confidence and self-esteem as they master new skills and challenge themselves, and role models that provide supportive relationships and serve as positive influences for youth who may lack these types of relationships elsewhere in their lives.  All of which can ultimately help them avoid engaging in addictive behaviors.

Marc Effron uses his platform to reach, teach and empower others to do the same. This past April Marc helped rally over 100 professionals, activists, family members, and recovering addicts in Cincinnati Ohio and charged them with becoming Certified Interventionists in their communities. Marc spent hours teaching these leaders how to recognize signs of addiction and methods of helping to pull others out of the fire. 

Marc believes that living his purpose means continuing to utilize his time and resources to impact the community and change the narrative in our country about addiction and recovery.  

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