April 16, 2024
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Marilyne Nix, AKA The Social Media Guru, Creating Impact Through Her Luxury and Social Media Company

Some people think of luxury brands and automatically correlate them with selfishness. For too long, some groups have painted an antagonistic picture for the glamorous lifestyle. But Marilyne has been flipping that script through her luxury and beauty brand, LuxeLife9, which has not only promoted a lifestyle of luxury but also made a massive impact in people’s lives too. 

Marilyne started her company Luxelife9 back in 2014 as a skincare company offering all sorts of top-level products. One of the most prominent aspects of her company has been the business opportunity franchising model, which has helped several women create their own beauty businesses with its support. Accordingly, many of these resellers and entrepreneurs have now experienced tremendous growth. “These are women who have never owned a new car or only rented that now have made so much,” shares Marilyne. “They are opening orphanages in multiple countries, and I’m more than happy to do that for anyone.”

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Marilyne always had a knack for all things related to entrepreneurship and branding. She also loved the high-flying life, inspired to work hard to afford a lifestyle that would bring color to her days. She’s a big fan of yachts and loves to travel the world. Today, she enjoys all of that and hopes that other people will be inspired to aspire for the same things in life. 

To Marilyne, LuxeLife9 is more than just a luxury brand, however. It’s a way to help women grow their confidence, brands, and knowledge to become financially independent. “I want to show people, especially women, that they can create the life they have always dreamed of and live on their own terms,” shares the luxury entrepreneur. 

One of the most significant aspects of the entrepreneur’s success is her influencer prowess. On Instagram, she now has a following that has surpassed the 926,000 follower mark to date. She’s looking forward to hitting and celebrating one million followers before the year ends. In addition, her work has appeared in USA TODAY, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance, and Medium, among many others. 

Recently, Marilyne has taken on a new challenge: offering Instagram coaching to clients. This move has expanded LuxeLife9 into the social media marketing consultancy space and helped grow her reach and influence. Through her coaching program, she has created an easily duplicable way of achieving her level of digital influence for brands and personalities. Like many of the other things she does, this program is another effort to create opportunities for other people. “I am so confident that the impact one has is even greater when you give someone the skills to build a success mindset,” she adds. 

Marilyne loves taking clients through a step-by-step process of creating a profitable Instagram account, landing brand partnership deals, and dealing with imposter syndrome by boosting one’s confidence levels. 

Her future seems bright still as she plans to help more women become successful entrepreneurs. There are also gears now turning to start a company-run and funded women’s shelter and orphanage. Behind all of that will be a growing brand— LuxeLife9— which Marilyne is now turning into a household name across the globe.

Learn more about Marilyne and her company LuxeLife9 by visiting her website and Instagram profile.

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