Meet Dr. Jimmy Sayegh, The King of Cracks

Improving how people feel is one thing for doctors and chiropractors but getting people to understand what the process entails is another thing entirely. Experienced chiropractor Dr. Jimmy Sayegh, also known as King of Cracks, got his chance to shine when he began to record his patients’ treatment sessions and upload them online for people to see. His unique treatment methods and procedures began to catch people’s attention and went viral on global platforms. This set many viral trends on Instagram and TikTok, and The King of Cracks became a household name that social media users have revered in the last two years.

Dr. Jimmy Sayegh is a first-generation Arab-American chiropractic physician who has nursed the dream of becoming well-known and globally recognized as a sports chiropractor for over a decade. Today, he runs a successful practice and has amassed over four million followers across all social media platforms for his work treating people, celebrities and professional athletes.

King of Cracks became a viral sensation because of the fascination many people had with the ASMR crack sounds that the human body can make. His brand also became well-loved because many people could resonate with the procedures the patients in his videos underwent. Watching a treatment for a condition they are dealing with is why many people enjoy watching his videos, thus, translating into more viewers and followers. “I hope to one day inspire furfure chiropractor’s to break through the “chiropractic mold” and begin showing the world the amazing field and how many lives we are changing daily,” Dr. Jimmy said.

Dr. Jimmy Sayegh’s life trajectory was defined at an early age when his parents migrated to the United States of America from the Middle East in search of the “American Dream” for their children. Fortunately, Dr. Jimmy Sayegh has reaped the reward of his parents’ sacrifices by working hard and staying determined to succeed at all costs over the years. Today, he has marked his name as one of the doctors who have worked with professional athletes like Karim Benzema, DK Metcalf and entertainers like Ross Mathews, Ava Dubernay and Larry Hernandez. His chiropractic practice has grown astronomically over the years, and his sights are still set on smashing more goals and growing.

The King of Cracks brand has navigated numerous hardships as a growing business going through a pandemic. Dr. Jimmy struggled to support his family and staff, but social media changed things dramatically, and the practice smashed all the goals he had ever set. “Through the power of social media, we were able to overcome and surpass any previous goals set for my practice. I continued to grow my brand and practice through social accounts and any other outlet that allowed us to continue to treat our patients safely in a time where hospitals and emergency rooms were congested with COVID cases,” Dr. Jimmy Sayegh said.

Since he began practicing as a chiropractor, he has found ways to become the best in the field by showcasing his talents and abilities to the world. “Don’t focus so much on growth but rather show the world your special talents and one-of-a-kind characteristics. Social media growth takes time, persistence and love for what you do. The one lesson I learned from social media is patience. It takes 100% commitment and dedication to grow your brand. Use all platforms possible that suit your niche. I advise everyone to network with others in your industry and remain humble. Focus on your growth, yet keep in mind that someone out there is working just as hard as you, if not harder,” he said.

Over the next few years, he sees the brand taking over nationally and globally by establishing multiple locations in different parts of the world. He also plans to mentor and educate future chiropractors, PTs and massage therapists so they can grow and work harmoniously with medical professionals.


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