Meet The Woman Behind the Luxury Beauty Brand Plant Mother

If you’re a Miami local tapped into the beauty and wellness scene, chances are you’ve been seeing the brand Plant Mother around. Known for its incredibly healthy and nutritious serums tailored to the life of a health-obsessed vegan woman, Plant Mother is redefining the meaning of clean beauty. 


At the helm of the brand is Jena Joyce, the skincare expert and founder who perfectly embodies the brand ethos. Joyce recently relocated from New York to Miami — which seems like a seamless transition considering her skincare line is made with locally grown botanicals — but for Joyce, the Plant Mother brand embraces the world as its destination because it’s loved by health-conscious women all over the globe. The brand has become synonymous with all the exciting things coming out of Miami right now – and this city is really on fire. 


Miami Wire sat down with Joyce to find out how she got started in the beauty industry, and how the move to Miami has inspired her work.


MIAMI WIRE: Walk us through how you decided to start the brand. Was the beauty industry always a passion of yours?

Jena Joyce: The idea for creating a clean skincare company came from a personal health scare that I went through a couple of years ago. That’s when I realized how many toxins I was ingesting daily through cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and home cleaning ingredients. It’s then that I also realized that many brands use harmful and toxic substances in their products. They’re cheaper and easier to formulate with. The bottom line is that these companies don’t care about our health. 


To me, that’s unacceptable! I’ve decided to change that, and that’s how Plant Mother was born. Out of a personal craving to live a healthy, non-toxic life. And to help other women get access to the healthiest, cleanest skincare that there is. You shouldn’t have to choose between health and beauty. That’s why Plant Mother uses healthy and fresh botanicals. Our ingredients are grown locally, from organic farming, without the use of pesticides or GMOs. Our packaging is obsessively sustainable. Everything is made in the US, with recyclable, zero-waste materials. And we manufacture all products here in Miami; every batch is produced manually.  

MIAMI WIRE: What are your top products in the collection to shop now? 

Jena Joyce: Vitamin C and Retinol serum. Plant Mother’s Vitamin C serum is 100% organic and vegan, packed with antioxidants and multivitamins. Its superhero botanical is Kakadu Plum – having the highest amount of Vitamin C on the planet, 55x more than oranges. This powerful serum gives you the perfect level of brightening and nutrition.


Plant Mother’s retinol serum is the greatest skin savior – it nourishes skin deeply, boosting its collagen production. And it does that without any skin irritation or sun sensitivity – the most common side-effects of synthetic retinols. The serum’s superhero ingredients are Bakuchiol and Sea Buckthorn blended with rejuvenating luxurious botanicals – hibiscus, cloudberry, passion fruit, and prickly pear, to name a few.  


As I said before, we use only the cleanest, organically grown ingredients that boost not only your skin but also your health. 


MIAMI WIRE: You recently relocated to Miami. How has the move evolved the brand? 

Jena Joyce: Miami is a great city. Its lush tropical vegetation and balmy weather year-round are amazing. I walk around and see maracuja bushes, bamboo trees, and scarlet hibiscus. Coming from the concrete jungle of NYC, that is just incredible. I saw the move to Miami as a chance to start growing ingredients for Plant Mother’s products – which was impossible in NYC. For the ingredients we don’t grow, we use high-quality certified organic botanicals. This is important because it helps us control the quality and freshness of our products, unlike other brands.


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