Meet Valentine Michael Manson, a member of the real Manson family

Valentine Michael Manson: The real Manson family, the one that had Charles Manson as a member, is up to something — and it involves a creation in Los Angeles called “The Family.”

These are some of the members: 

– Brother Arnold – Head Family member and teacher. 

– Mother Mary – Currently accepting new members. 

– Cousin Lois – Notable for having an inverted cross tattoo on her arm.

– Uncle Warren – Head Family and key to the black box in California.

– Grandmother Africa – Manager of The Family and friend of the real Manson family.

– Uncle Abel – Notable for being a Kabbalah expert. Speaks to L. A.’sA.’s police about Manson Family activity.

– Cousin Simon – Manages the “coven” known as the Family. 

– Aunt Sonya – Sister of Simon. Friends with Arnold and Mother Mary.

  • An Artist in Los Angeles and a member of The Family.
  • Also an artist in Los Angeles, friends with Luna, and a member of The Family.
  • Works with Luna and Leslie in Los Angeles, also a member of The Family.
  • Lives in California and initially met the real Manson Family.

Members can be See at the following locations:

– New York City (Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station) – sells cookies with crosses. 

– Los Angeles (Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Blvd, and Vine Street) – members are artists and have a sisterhood called “The Sisters of Mercy.” 

– London (Notting Hill Gate) – members sell mixtapes of music related to Charles Manson.

– Hong Kong – members sell “Tear Drop Pendants” by Charles Manson on the Internet.

– San Francisco – member is a famous lawyer and writer of a book about Charles Manson and “The Family.”

– Australia (Melbourne) sells Charles Manson T-shirts with his portrait and pictures of the real Manson Family. 

– Spain (Barcelona) – sells Charles Manson T-shirts with his portrait and pictures of the real Manson family.

Manson Family members have said, “This is not a group. This is not a cult.” “We are real people who are living in our way.”

Valentine Michael Manson (aka Vampy) is a member of “The Family” and a friend of Mother Mary and Arnold. To reach Arnold, Vampy hid at the Holiday Inn in San Francisco, trying to see him and escape from the cult known as “The Family.

He is a friend of Charles Manson and the long-lost son of Raymond Arcel, the famed director of “The Longest Day.” 

He was born in Brazil on May 16, 1973. However, Arcel had him in his own home after finding out about Valentine’sValentine’s birth father being convict of a crime. He raised him until his early twenties. However, Vampy said he never made it off the plane from Brazil to America.

His Brazilian mother, who spoke Portuguese, reared him in Brazil. Therefore, he spent some time in France as well. He has performed as a vocalist and performs the well-known Manson family song “Paint It Black.”

Vampy took on the name Valentine Michael Manson at the age of 23, after he discover that Charles Manson was his biological father and his real last name and birthplace.

Valentine Michael Manson Assumes A New Identity As Michael Brunner-Manson

Vampy is currently located in Los Angeles and has a new identity as Michael Brunner-Manson. He is caring for his mother, who suffers from Parkinson’sParkinson’s disease.

Michael Brunner-Manson says he has nothing to do with Charles Manson or the real Manson family anymore. He says he left all that behind him when he assumed his new identity. 

He also claims to be a born-again Christian now and has nothing to do with any “cult.

Valentine Michael Manson’sManson’s Family Tree– Part


– Biological father was Charles Manson 

– Real last name is Herman Geiger, and his birthplace is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The latter being the same as the actual last name of the real Manson family. 

– Mother’s maiden name was Arcel. However, She was the one who gave birth to him. She died in 1996 at the age of 59 years old, which is also the actual age of C.Manson at that time. 

– Biological father was Ray Arcel. Ray was a famous director in Hollywood and a World War II veteran. He made the movie “The Longest Day,” which is about D-Day, as well as “The Song of Bernadette” and more than a dozen others. 

– Birth date of Vampy is May 16, 1973. 

– The birthplace is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

– In the documentary “Shadows & Light,” he says he was raised in France and Brazil. In real life, he was raised in Brazil. 

– He never lived in France. 

– He was an artist, a painter, and a singer, but he also worked as a journalist and published opinion pieces in the Huffington Post and National Review Online. 

– In 2000, he joined the real Manson Family in an attempt to reach his biological father, Charles Manson.

Meet The Parents: Charles Manson And Mary Brunner-Manson

Kathy (Smith) Arcel (left) with her son Raymond (right)

– Her real last name was Arcel. She was born on July 4, 1914, and died on August 6, 1996. 

– Her husband was named Raymond Arcel and worked as a director in Hollywood. He directed the movies “The Longest Day” and “The Song of Bernadette.” 

– Her son’s name is Ray Arcel, and he has directed more than a dozen movies.

Life Today For Charles Manson’sManson’s Son-Vampy


– Lives in Los Angeles. 

– His birth name is Valentine Michael Manson. He changed his last name when he claimed to be Charles Manson’sManson’s son. 

– His parents were named Raymond Arcel and Kathy (Smith) Arcel. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he lived there until the age of 18 years old, when his mother took him to Hollywood, California.


– Charles Manson was kill in prison on November 19, 2017 

– Dishes on the real Charles Manson and The Family. 

– Films The LSD Story, Helter Skelter, “Sweet Dreams,” The Long Walk Home,” and more.

– Recalls episodes from his life as a child, teenager, and young man. 

– In the episode “My Life as a Child, ” he speaks about how Raymond Arcel raised him after his birth father’s death.


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