Melody Dixon, CEO and Founder, Leads the Charge in Eco-Focused Event Planning

Melody Dixon
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In a world where events contribute to approximately 50% of global waste, Melody Dixon, also known as the Jamaican Tree Hugger, is leading the charge in transforming the event planning landscape with her company, Pro Event Planners. As the CEO and Founder, Melody’s commitment to sustainability is not just a business strategy; it’s a life’s work aimed at healing the planet, its people, and the global economy.

A Passionate Environmentalist Meets Business Acumen

Hailing from Jamaica, Melody Dixon’s love for nature and her commitment to sustainable living have become the driving force behind Pro Event Planners. With a degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration, Melody seamlessly blends her passion for the environment with business acumen. Her approach is rooted in the belief that sustainable living leads to positive change and healing for all.

Melody’s mantra is clear: “The planet is healed when we Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The world economic situation is healed when we use sustainable practices in our business, managing the world’s resources with an eye for the future. The people of the world are healed when decisions are made with their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being in mind.”

Transforming Traditional Events into Eco-Friendly Experiences

Pro Event Planners specializes in Sustainable Corporate Event Planning, guiding clients to take small yet impactful steps in reducing their carbon footprint. Melody’s unique approach involves integrating sustainability into the initial event planning conversations, making it a core consideration rather than a last-minute afterthought.

“Events generate excessive amounts of waste,” says Melody. “Our goal is to educate event organizers on best-in-class sustainability practices, connecting them to the broader community impact of their events.”

Sustainability First: The Pro Event Planners Difference

What sets Melody apart is her ability to seamlessly marry her role as a proud tree hugger with a keen understanding of business bottom lines. Known for her attention to detail, Melody listens to clients not just for what they say but for what they don’t. Her commitment to adopting a “#SustainabilityFirst” mindset ensures that the planet is never an afterthought.

“We serve leaning-forward corporations who see sustainability as non-negotiable,” explains Melody. “Our ideal clients have financial strategies deeply rooted in sustainability, understanding the immediate and future benefits to their bottom line and available resources.”

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Ideas for Event Organizers

In her quest for sustainability, Melody offers practical suggestions for event organizers to reduce their events’ carbon footprint:

Outdoor Events: Incorporate beach, river, or park clean-ups.

Waste Management: Provide trash receptacles for recyclables, landfill, and compost. Donate compost to local farmers or community gardens.

Digital Communications: Use QR codes or digital communications instead of paper to save trees.

Transportation: Choose venues with suitable accommodations or use group transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

Pro Event Planners’ Eco Rehab Package: A Sustainable Event Production Marvel

Aligning with best-in-class sustainability standards, Pro Event Planners introduces the “ECO REHAB” package. This signature event production package not only creates high-impact events but also boasts a low carbon footprint. Priced at $2997, the package includes:

Assistance in creating and managing the budget

Sustainable event strategies

Venue scouting with a focus on Leeds certification or sustainability features

Invitations and Eco-Focused Event Decor

Event timeline creation

Vendor referrals and management

Day-of coordination and management

Post-event wrap-up and analysis

Event Waste Coordination

Carbon Footprint Report

For more information on Pro Event Planners and their commitment to sustainable event planning, visit You may also follow Melody Dixon on Instagram or visit her YouTube channel.



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