April 16, 2024
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Unleashing Logistics Excellence: Miami Hosts the Ukrainian Business Forum for Logistics, Championing Innovation, Philanthropy, and the Pioneering EzChatAI

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Brace yourself for an extraordinary fusion of innovation, passion, and logistics expertise as the Ukrainian Business Forum for Logistics revolutionizes Miami on the unforgettable Sunday, May 14th, 2023. Prepare to be enthralled, inspired, and empowered by this momentous event that not only reshapes the future of logistics and transportation in the United States but also ignites the flame of freedom for Ukraine.

The Visionary Speakers and Their Groundbreaking Perspectives:

This exceptional event assembles a galaxy of industry trailblazers, each casting their distinctive glow upon the stage. Embark on a thrilling adventure with these visionary leaders who boldly challenge the status quo and redefine the logistics landscape:

Cj Sergey Karman – Pioneering with EzChatAI:

Cj Sergey Karman, the magnetic Founder, and CEO of Ezlogz and EzChatAI, captivated the audience with his unwavering determination to revolutionize the industry. He unveiled the remarkable capabilities of EzChatAI, a transformative technology that transcends conventional communication barriers and the first ELD AI. Harnessing advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, EzChatAI becomes the beacon that guides us toward a future where logistics operations are effortlessly transformed.


Denys Paniv – Cultivating Maverick Mentalities:

Denys Paniv, the daring Co-owner, and CEO of Alvil Trucking Inc, fearlessly exposed hidden opportunities amid the challenges of the logistics landscape. His perceptive revelations inspired industry trailblazers to adopt maverick mentalities, unlocking untapped potential and paving the way for unparalleled success. Denys Paniv also runs the YouTube channel @alviltruckinginc, where he dissects industry difficulties and shares recommendations.


Alex Popovych – Discovering New Horizons:

Alex Popovych, the farsighted CEO and Founder of VISTA Transholding Inc led the audience on a fascinating voyage of discovery. With his expert guidance, he unveiled the shifting tides of logistics, enabling businesses to plot their trajectory and confidently seize new horizons.


Vasily Kushnir – Conducting Logistics Mastery:

Vasily Kushnir, the masterful CEO of Start CDL, Inc, captivated the audience with his harmonious approach to logistics mastery. His symphony of expertise guided industry professionals to orchestrate seamless operations, unlocking the full potential of their businesses.


Alex Bloom – Revolutionizing Financial Logistics:

Alex Bloom, the enigmatic CEO of Creditbooster, emerged as the industry’s financial sorcerer, blending monetary acumen with logistics expertise. His innovative insights empowered businesses to harness the power of financial logistics, unlocking new dimensions of growth and prosperity.


Dmitriy Chebanenko – Exploring the Automotive Frontier:

Dmitriy Chebanenko, the intrepid CEO and Founder of Auto Transport Chicago and ATC Trailers Inc forged a path into the automotive logistics frontier. With boldness and creativity, he revealed the secrets of impeccable vehicle transportation, redefining efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Supporting the Freedom of Ukraine:

Beyond logistics, the Ukrainian Business Forum exhibited unwavering dedication to Ukraine’s struggle for freedom. Amid the electric atmosphere, a thrilling auction took place, capturing the hearts and generosity of attendees. A legendary signed boxing glove by Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Usyk, a Ukrainian professional boxer and world champion, sparked a lively bidding war, ultimately selling for a remarkable $30,000. The funds raised from this captivating auction will strengthen the efforts of those tirelessly fighting for Ukraine’s freedom.


The Ukrainian Business Forum for Logistics, held in Miami on May 14th, 2023, stood as a testament to the industry’s hunger for innovation, collaboration, and excellence. With captivating discussions led by dynamic speakers, the forum challenged conventional thinking and illuminated the path forward for logistics and transportation. Among the game-changers was Cj Sergey Karman, who showcased EzChatAI’s revolutionary potential, propelling the logistics industry into uncharted territory. Furthermore, the forum’s commitment to Ukraine’s freedom fight through a spirited auction underscored the collective dedication to noble causes.

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