Michael Stemley Out to Help Artists Gain Financial Freedom

Many artists struggle to keep their financial base strong and healthy. Through the years, the “hungry artist” stereotype has become more widespread in various circles, and with good reason. Creative people don’t have the best financial lives. But one finance coach and music producer hopes to change that image by helping artists all over gain more control of their wealth and future through sound business and finance practices. His name is Michael Stemley. 

Michael is the owner and CEO of ML Production LLC. The company helps independent artists get better control of their future through financial literacy, music business coaching, and music mastery training. “Our baseline is to foster financial literacy and mold musical mastery,” explains the company founder. “We aim to create leaders that take more control of their music and seek financial freedom through musical means.” 

The inspiration for ML Production first came to Michael after he had experienced financial woes of his own. After graduating college, he ended up with large student loan debts, as most graduates do. Moreover, Michael Stemley would figure into a car crash that would only worsen his financial standing. 

Refusing to take his financial life as is, Michael started learning all that he could about money management. Through the process, he would understand that getting rich has very little to nothing at all to do with being lucky. It has more to do with having the discipline, mindset, and the regimen necessary to make sound financial decisions and act on them. He started learning how to save and invest and began to enjoy financial literacy, as he began to share his learnings with friends and colleagues. 

Michael Stemley would later write a book entitled Wealth, Power, Respect, which dives into all the reasons why the current world’s employment-based system doesn’t work anymore if one desires to become financially successful. Through his book, he teaches the lessons and principles he has learned to become economically stable through the years. Wealth, Power, Respect aims to teach readers how to handle money properly and make wise financial decisions. 

Closest to Michael’s heart is the world of music. As time has gone by, ML Productions has become the go-to agency for many R&B legends, multi-platinum artists, grammy award winners, and so on. Michael Stemley has worked with the likes of Teddy Riley, Keith Washington, Kool Moe Dee, and many others. He also serves several NFL players. 

What makes ML Production a highly coveted company is its commitment to the highest levels of integrity and client relationship management. Michael goes out of his way to remain honest, honorable, and valued, even to the point that it hurts. But as he continues to pour out genuine care and service to his clients, his list of clients continues to grow.

Soon, Michael will also be diving into the finance tech space with his new app called Money CashUp. The software will be available very soon and hopes to help more people experience more financial freedom. As Michael continues in his mission to spread awareness about the importance of money management know-how, he hopes that all his efforts would bear fruit and change people’s lives for the better. 

Learn more about Michael Stemley by visiting his website and Instagram account.


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