Michele MUPO and MUPO Entertainment Expanding and Evolving in the Entertainment Scene

Building a name in the entertainment industry and building up influence are not simple tasks, yet Michele Mupo is accomplishing both across multiple frontiers and is being audacious with it too.

The entertainer turned entrepreneur started her company MUPO Entertainment, which promotes talented individuals in the music scene and the entertainment scene as a whole. The company is involved in everything entertainment as it recently launched MUPO TV, a streaming platform that will showcase original content from up-and-coming artists. It also has an arm that offers full-service representation and management for artists and entertainment personalities. Michele Mupo has built a team of professionals who understand what the entertainment industry and marketplace entail and are ready to take the company to great heights by delivering impeccable services to its clients. “We have an experienced team of industry leaders who can manage a successful career and push any talented person towards their goals,” Michele said.

Since MUPO Entertainment began operations in June 2020, it has grown in leaps and bounds and is now making a special announcement about its upcoming mobile application. Every digital platform in today’s world thrives better when they’re available on the go and to users at any time. Having made its mark in the entertainment industry, MUPO Entertainment is set to launch its Android and iOS application. It also plans to publish an entertainment magazine quarterly to cast the spotlight on key industry topics and upcoming stars.

Building MUPO Entertainment for Michele Mupo is a product of her desire to make a difference in other people’s lives. She understands that many people are talented and capable but haven’t found the right platform to help them shine in the world. She leverages her experience as an entertainer and talent developer to build her own legacy.

During her heydays in the entertainment world, Michele Mupo was popularly known as Fuchsia and was a renowned singer, songwriter, and musician in the rock scene. She worked as a dancer on Club MTV for a while and was a ghostwriter for many successful recording artists, with some of her songs making the top ten charts. She signed with Cool Music Incorporated, where she inked a production deal and also signed a ten-year contract with music legend Rodney Jerkins Sr. She also starred in many titular roles, including parts in films like Soap Dish, Basic Instinct, and What We Do. She also co-hosted a show called Fuchsia and Friends, which featured Joy Giovanni as a co-host and amassed over 100,000 listeners. As an entrepreneur, some of the companies she has owned and operated include MuTan Entertainment and MUDA Multimedia Entertainment. She’s back on the scene with MUPO Entertainment and is conquering new grounds. 

Now that MUPO Entertainment is staking its presence strongly in the digital world, Michele Mupo hopes the company continues to project talents to the spotlight and pave the way for upcoming entertainers while delivering premium entertainment content to audiences globally. 


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