April 16, 2024
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Minister GodBizz Inspires With New Single Nah Turn Back

Minister GodBizz Inspires With New Single Nah Turn Back
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Within every soul, there exists a harmony, a beat that pulses with the rhythm of life. For Minister GodBizz, also known as Winston Ellis, this rhythm expresses unwavering faith, deep-seated devotion, and the musical heritage that threads its way back to his vibrant Jamaican roots in the district of Kentish in St. Catherine. His life has been a testament to his undying love for gospel music, testimony to which is his latest single, “Nah Turn Back.”

GodBizz finds his inspiration in the corners of the local church, where the seeds of his musical journey were sown. This association, deeply intertwined with faith and melody, formed foundational building blocks for the musician he has become and the path he follows. In 1994, Ellis forged his way to the United States, a transition that gradually led him to diverge from his musical roots. However, in 2005, a pivotal moment breathed life into a dimension of the spirit he’d left behind. This came through redemption through baptism, which steered him back toward the embrace of gospel music.

His personal life neatly dovetails with his professional journey, as he is married to Marsha, with whom he has three children. The warmth, tenderness, and stability embedded in the Ellis family illuminate as an essential cornerstone of Minister GodBizz’s devotion to faith and music. Responding to the higher calling, he became an ordained deacon and councilman, integrating his life with a service dedicated to his church and community.

His deep faith and relationship with music have seen him share his talents on multiple platforms since 2005. With performances at local shows, concerts, and banquets, and as an essential part of his church’s praise and worship team, Minister GodBizz continues to inspire and uplift through his stirring performances.

The secret to GodBizz’s widespread appeal lies in the communion of authentic gospel rhythms seeped into his Jamaican heritage, coupled with a genuine portrayal of faith and redemption. His musical offerings serve as performances and invitations for listeners to embark upon a heartfelt journey interspersed with sweet and spicy flavors of gospel. His songs encompass salient messages of love, hope, and salvation, appealing to audiences.

With the recent release of his stirring new single “Nah Turn Back,” Minister GodBizz reinforces his commitment to faith while singing the praises of redemption and deep devotion. The single is more than just a song; it’s a testament to his phoenix-like rise and a heartfelt declaration that regardless of life’s challenges, he would “Nah Turn Back.”

Ellis isn’t restricting his musical gifts to his latest single. He has grand plans of releasing an album next year, promising fans more spirit-stirring, faith-infused music that transcends boundaries, cultures, and musical genres.

If songs serve as windows to a musician’s soul, Minister GodBizz’s music ushers listeners into a space reverberating with love, faith, and resilience. Regarding gospel music leaving a lasting impression and bringing about a positive transformation, Minister GodBizz is a testament to music’s power, enriching lives one note at a time.

As the anticipation builds for his upcoming album, fans can catch up with Minister GodBizz on his social media pages – @ministergodbizz. Embrace this talented artist’s insurmountable energy, charisma, and faith-driven music, and join him on his journey of rediscovery and divine inspiration. Through his captivating melodies and soulful tunes, one thing remains undeniable – Minister GodBizz, with his unwavering resolve, will indeed ‘Nah Turn Back.’

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