Multiplatform Businessman John Seaman Advocates for Fair Treatment Towards Blue-Collar Jobs

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The shortage of blue-collar labor has alarmed and affected many industries. The phenomenon has picked up the name, The Blue-Collar Drought, and has moved many players in the industry into worry and even desperation. Accordingly, one man hopes to play a pivotal role in moving labor forces into the future of work. 

At twenty-three years old, John Seaman has established a multi-platform business that is changing the way people see the blue-collar industry. Through his competent leadership, the entrepreneur has shown the endless possibilities of growing a business and attaining financial freedom through blue-collar jobs and opportunities. While non-traditional in many ways, this approach has encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to look into uncharted possibilities, venture outside their comfort zone, and embrace failures that may come.

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people opting for blue-collar positions continues to drop significantly, plummeting from 19.4 million in 1979 to 11.5 million in 2010. So while blue-collar careers no longer seem to be the trendy path, people like Seaman hope some will see that it’s not a dead journey yet.

As people value ivy-league education and a fast-growing industry, the next generation grows up aspiring for positions with a college degree as a prerequisite. But unfortunately, most people now still believe that getting one is the only way to success. As a result, many blue-collar jobs still suffer from the effects of social stigma. John Seaman seeks to challenge this perspective and break the stigma unfairly attached to the blue-collar industry.

“One of the most important lessons I learned on the road to becoming a successful business operator was that when it came to accomplishing your dreams, the most important thing you had to do was the start,” explains John Seaman. “Overthinking the process would only kill your progress, and failures will come regardless of how hard you try to achieve perfection. The worst thing you can do is stop yourself from moving forward because of hindering doubt.” 

Seaman’s extensive exposure brought his high regard for the blue-collar industry of trade and construction as he grew up. In his youth, he worked hard to acquire skills and be competent in the field, pushing himself to grow his passion and yearned for more. He attended a school for technology, after which he was hired for a traveling position and was promoted to project manager not long after.

John Seaman’s remarkable progress inspired him to explore and expand his influence in the business sector. He then established his first business, JC Construction, and built his company, the JC Property Professionals. Though seemingly fast, he admits that the steps he took for his entrepreneurial journey were taxing; he had to teach himself how to run a business through books, mentors, and YouTube. Nevertheless, his passion and inspiration never wavered. 

As he continues to grow in the field, John’s business continues to grow immensely as well, expanding from a single platform business to a one-stop-shop for all property needs, serving and satisfying their clients with tailored dream homes. John Seaman hopes to inspire other entrepreneurs to invest in the blue-collar industry and regain its recognition and pivotal role as the backbone of the nation’s economy and success.


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