April 15, 2024
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Music Photographer Nyshan Sadler Shares His Success Story of Pursuing His Passion

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

Despite being only twenty-two years old, Nyshan Sadler has become a music photographer worth noting. He has made a name for himself in the industry, as he pursues his passion despite having a different background and a late start.

Nyshan Sadler was an exceptional player and a well-rounded athlete known for his impressive skills on the basketball court. His immediate plan was to go after and establish his basketball career in college. However, all that changed through a chance encounter with a camera he bought out of a pure desire just to have fun. 

He bought a camera to have fun with his close friends. The seemingly random event became the start of capturing excellent pictures. His friends commended him for his excellent photography skills. “I was a three-sport athlete my whole life excelling in basketball and wanted to continue that into college,” shares Sadler. “I bought a camera for fun with my friends, and they would always tell me that my photos were perfect, so I took it up as a hobby. My friend Justin was opening up for Lil Durk and asked me to come and shoot his set. I got to stay in the pit for Durk, and I was hooked ever since.”

After his first break at Lil Durk, he then realized that he didn’t need to doubt what kind of career path he would go after in his entire life. 

“King Von was the first artist to repost my photo,” recalls the brilliant music photographer. “After that show, I was shooting Jay Critch shows for a few months till he sent me a private message with his number for the photos and wanted to work more. I have a cool relationship with TJ Porter. He’s a good friend, and I’ve built an excellent relationship with Darrin Dee, the CEO of Ruff Ryders, and Donjai, the Ruff Ryders’ photographer, who handles a lot of the stuff.” 

Nyshan knew very well that he was part of a very competitive industry. That is why he pours in the hours to improve his craft. He values hard work and commitment, which is why he gave himself entirely to pursuing his passion for music photography. As a result, his reputation grew, and prominent people recognized him. Today, He has been offered numerous projects perfect for his skill level and niche. The reputation that Nyshan created brought his career to the next level and opened up a new world of opportunities.

“I was then invited to DMX’s celebration of life at the Barclays Center in April, which was a huge blessing. After that, I shot with Dro Kenji, one of my favorite artists,” says Nyshan. As the young photographer’s reputation grew, his reach and networks also increased, and he is looking at collaborating with various record labels, musicians, rappers, and other photographers. 

Nyshan gets his motivation from the people around him. He believes that he has proven that the path to being successful is not limited to having a college degree. The young photographer envisions himself doing projects for major artists, doing album covers and press photos in the future. He hopes only to get better with time and cement his place in photography greatness locally and nationally. Nyshan also hopes to start building a global brand at some point too.

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