My Steady Mind’s Bold Move to Boost Mental Fitness

My Steady Mind's Bold Move to Boost Mental Fitness
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In a groundbreaking move to elevate proactive mental health in America, My Steady Mind (MSM) has unveiled a $3 million endowment dedicated to cognitive fitness and mental wellness. This initiative is set to transform mental health services across the nation, with a keen focus on enhancing cognitive fitness techniques for high performers. MSM’s partnership with Crunch Fitness further amplifies this mission, making mental fitness training accessible to a wider audience.

 Starting in June of 2024 you can submit your organization’s application at for an opportunity to receive this life-changing award. The recipients of the endowment will receive $250,000 in Cognitive Fitness Training courses.  An accredited training course that teaches people how to create daily mental training and emotional intelligence routines to reduce stress, and improve mental energy and focus. 

Imagine a world where mental fitness is as prioritized as physical fitness. This vision is becoming a reality thanks to My Steady Mind led by Dr. Seth Hickerson. The veteran-owned organization, known for its innovative cognitive fitness training, is stepping up to bolster mental health services in a unique and impactful way. 

By setting aside $3 million, MSM aims to integrate advanced cognitive fitness techniques into everyday mental health practices, making them accessible to individuals, organizations, schools, and nonprofits nationwide. Dr. Seth Hickerson and My Steady Mind are making waves with amazing organizations like the Leadership Broward Foundation.

 Andrew Zullo, the CEO of Leadership Broward Foundation, had this to say about Dr. Hickerson’s company My Steady Mind. “ Leadership Broward is profoundly appreciative of My Steady Mind and Dr. Seth. The future of leadership lies in self-awareness and resilience, key aspects we emphasize with our participants. Partnering with MSM to bring the Cognitive Fitness program to middle and high schools in our community is a game changer.

 While  leadership development focuses on external factors, we believe that future leaders must be equipped with mindfulness and self-awareness to foster creativity and flexibility. For the first time in recorded history, we do not know what the workforce will look like in the next ten years, making flexibility and adaptability the crucial qualities for leaders. We are confident that the MSM program will prepare the future leaders in our programs and the communities we serve.” 

My Steady Mind’s incredible investment into the future of mental health is led by their first award of $250,000 worth of cognitive fitness training to Crunch Fitness, which in turn is donating this training to Future Kids of Phoenix and distributing the rest to non-profits within their communities. 

This partnership not only benefits Crunch Fitness team members but also extends these valuable resources to various community organizations. Pamela Brown, VP and Head of People and Culture at Crunch Fitness, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We greatly value our partnership with My Steady Mind and are proud to collaborate with this veteran-owned charitable organization. 

The cognitive fitness training our team has received, and will continue to benefit from, reflects our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture and enhancing our exceptional fitness brand. We firmly believe in supporting both the physical and mental well-being of our team members.” 

At the heart of My Steady Mind’s program is the concept of the “Mental Gym.” In less than an hour a week, participants are equipped with practical tools and techniques inspired by the training regimens of top-tier professionals, including Special Ops, professional athletes, leaders, and executives. The benefits of cognitive fitness training are profound and far-reaching, as noted by Dr. Seth Hickerson, the visionary behind My Steady Mind. “Participants emerge with enhanced emotional resilience, sharper focus, and a newfound confidence to navigate life’s challenges with grace and determination,” says Dr. Hickerson. “And it’s been great watching Crunch Fitness lean into this approach and make it available to Future Kids of Phoenix and other non-profits within their communities.” Crunch and My Steady Mind know that Cognitive Fitness is the next evolution in the fitness and wellness industry. 

Dr. Hickerson, a cognitive fitness pioneer with over two decades of experience, has dedicated his career to training high-performing individuals across various domains, including professional athletes, Navy SEALs, NASA personnel, and business executives. His expertise in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and resiliency training has made him a sought-after authority in the field.

 “As we embark on this journey to elevate proactive mental health in America, we’re proud to leverage our expertise in cognitive fitness to drive positive change by working with our partners,” adds Dr. Hickerson. “Through strategic partnerships and targeted initiatives, we aim to democratize access to practical tools and techniques that promote self-awareness, resilience, and organizational success.” 

The $3 million endowment is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a pledge to expand access to mental health resources, foster a culture of well-being, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. My Steady Mind envisions teaching one million people these life-changing skills over the next 18 months, a goal they aim to achieve through their current partnerships and the recipients of this endowment.

My Steady Mind is on a mission to revolutionize mental health training, providing individuals and organizations with the tools they need to thrive. 

By championing cognitive fitness and working with partners like Crunch Fitness, MSM is making mental wellness an attainable goal for all. In an era where mental health is paramount, My Steady Mind’s initiative stands as a beacon of hope, offering a proactive approach to mental wellness that assures to make a lasting impact on countless lives. As they continue to forge new partnerships and expand their reach, My Steady Mind is poised to lead the charge in creating a healthier, more resilient America. For your organization’s opportunity at $250,000 make sure to apply at beginning in June 2024.


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