April 16, 2024
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N.M. Sanchez Impacts Readers Outside of the Therapy Room Through Poetry

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

Poetry has the unique ability to impact broken souls. For most people who write poetry, it is also a journey towards self-healing apart from being a form of self-expression. Being able to make a difference in the lives of people through its messages is also, in some way, a healing balm to the soul of a poet. Cuban-American poet and aspiring psychologist N.M. Sanchez knows this reality all too well after discovering a creative way of impacting people outside of the common therapy room where clients hope to find answers to their emotional and psychological dilemmas. 

For the most part of her colorful life, N.M. Sanchez has had a special interest in writing and found poetry to be a very effective and life-changing manner of creative expression. She started a personal blog in 2009, where she shared a great deal of her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The warm response of readers to her poems inspired her all the more to continue with her craft. 

The well-loved poet has two best-selling and self-published poetry books that have had the privilege to compete with several popular authors who have the support of respectable publishing companies. The beginning of her journey as a self-published poet was quite challenging, to say the least. Despite the lack of resources and several rejections, N.M. Sanchez has generated a staggering 60 million impressions on Instagram and has attracted a worldwide following of readers and fans from the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. Her first poetry collection published in January 2018 was titled “Initial Meeting.” The second, “Lovers in Theory,” came in July 2020. 

“You have to acknowledge that with success comes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Nothing is handed to you. There was always a struggle, but I kept writing, I kept sharing, I kept interacting with my audience and building the online community you see today. I didn’t give up, and I figure I must be doing something right if you’re reading this right now,” N.M. Sanchez shared. 

Throughout the course of her journey as a passionate poet, N.M. Sanchez has undoubtedly faced a lot of critics. Social media, for one, can be a very unforgiving platform. Just as there are critics, there are also kind followers and readers who have been generous with their expression of gratitude for her poetry. Knowing that there are people out there in the world who find comfort, answers, and a sense of connection with her work has been more than enough motivation for her to keep writing.

The gifted poet has successfully created a powerful avenue on Instagram where she also helps aspiring poets, artists, musicians, and businesses be discovered. Supporting the creative community by using her own social media account is her way of giving back and encouraging other artists like herself to express themselves confidently. 

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