NBA news: Knicks among teams interested in German league Superstar Tim Barnes

Image Credit – UBUnion Media Support

The Universal Basketball Union’s 2022 MVP Tim Barnes and his camp have made it clear that if the opportunity presents itself, he will pursue a path to the NBA. Since this decision has been made public, a handful of teams are rumored to be in the mix; the Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls, and the New York Knicks. 

According to 311 Sports, Barnes’s agency, the Knicks have expressed interest and a workout will likely follow suit. Barnes isn’t exactly a prospect that passes the eye-test, standing at 5 foot 9 inches and weighing only 140 pounds. If he were to make an NBA roster, he would be the shortest and lightest player in the league currently. Despite his diminutive size and wiry frame, he has proven that he can compete, averaging a league-leading 29 points per contest in Germany’s UBU. As a result of his play, he has taken home MVP honors, making him an even more sought after prospect. 

Though the Knicks current roster is guard-heavy, they are looking to upgrade at every position if they hope to compete for a title in the near future. Kemba Walker will likely be gone this summer, and everyone else, including leading scorer Julius Randle, are not immune to any trade that makes sense for the team’s future. Where Barnes fits into the mix is unclear at this moment, especially since his current contract overseas doesn’t end until the end of the 2022-23 season. It’s hard to believe that Löwen BC Hamburg (Barnes’s current team) will just let him walk, which also has potential to become an issue if things progress. 

There’s a strong chance that Barnes won’t make any team’s final roster, but his best shot is with a team struggling to find its identity like the Knicks. His efficiency from the field, primarily the 3-point line, make him a prospect to watch and may cause a team to look past his physical shortcomings and grant him a training camp deal. 

No meeting or workout is scheduled as of now, but if a workout does take place it will likely happen in the coming weeks. Barnes will workout for the Clippers after the 2022 NBA Draft, indicating that other teams interested will trend that direction also.


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