Nia Zameni, the Passion-Fueled and Highly Trusted Aesthetic Nurse on a Mission to Help People Look and Feel Their Best

Currently valued at over 60 billion dollars, the cosmetic surgery and procedure industry is projected to grow even more dramatically in the next ten years. This rapid rise is driven not only by the widespread acceptance of beauty-enhancing procedures and awareness but also by the increase in demand for non-invasive or minimally invasive surgeries made possible by refinements in techniques and advancements in technology. At any given time, countless individuals hoping to transform into the best versions of themselves are booking appointments in the nearest clinics and spas to seek these procedures, only to realize that neither every venture nor practitioner is able to deliver their promises. Nia Zameni, an aesthetic nurse known for her expertise and extensive experience in the field, is among those who are trusted to walk their talk. 

With over six years in the aesthetic industry under her belt, Nia believes that to feel good, you need to look good. Highly cognizant of the number of people who share the same sentiment, she has made it her mission to help people look their best. Fortunately for this medical professional, she has found a career that allows her to pursue her purpose.

“I am so thankful to have found a career in which I can help patients restore their confidence and sense of well-being while developing my passion for medical science and innovative cosmetic treatments,” shared the California State University graduate, who started as an ICU nurse at John Muir Walnut Creek and Kaiser Permanente. 

Eventually, Nia decided to explore aesthetics. Since her transition, she has trained with over twenty different laser and aesthetic platforms, from laser hair removal, tattoo removal, IPL/photo facial, BBL, and fractional lasers, to microneedling with platelet-rich fibrin, platelet-rich plasma, and Cooltone. 

Over the years, Nia has managed to earn patronage and gain the loyalty of many clients because of her impressive track record of performing laser resurfacing and injectables. Doing so with expert care and precision, she goes all-out in meeting the needs of every person who aims to boost their confidence with the help of today’s technology. 

So far, she’s helped patients erase fine lines and wrinkles, bothersome scars, lesions, pigmentation irregularities, and more. To provide tailored solutions to the aesthetic problems of her clients, she has expanded her competencies, including in her toolbox skills at performing dermal fillers and neuromodulators, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® Restylane®, Restylane Lift®, Restylane Silk®, Restylane Refyne®, Restylane Defyne®, Voluma®, Vobella®, Kybella®, Juvéderm™. 

Apart from her expertise, what enables Nia to stand out among a sea of other practitioners is her ability to connect with patients. Shortly after entering the field, she was able to establish a solid standing, thanks to the extent to which she listens to exactly what the patients want and delivers results consistently.

Although she has already lent a hand to a long list of clients, Nia plans to serve more in the years to come. By capitalizing on what technology can offer, she plans to journey with countless patients in their bid for higher self-esteem and improved self-confidence. 


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