Nonprofit Organization MAD21’s Resolve to Abolish Domestic Violence Amid the Global Pandemic

Nobody expected that the world would be plunged into one of the longest and biggest crises in modern history at the turn of the decade. Nevertheless, the global pandemic has affected hundreds of countries in the world, forcing many of their governments to put the city on lockdowns. While the pandemic has greatly affected the economy, millions of lives at home were also drastically changed as hunger needs and domestic violence soared. The statistics sparked concern from others who sought to find a solution, culminating in the birth of the agency, MAD21.

MAD21 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization geared toward helping members of the communities “live to love,” breaking the cycle of domestic violence, hunger, and racism. Their goal as an organization is to educate others to not only accept the cultural differences and choices that their fellow community members have but also to respect and understand them. MAD21 was created when people realized there was a great need for charity work and sensible solutions. Since its inception, the organization has given back so much to the community, creating many new beginnings for families and individuals.

With a solid commitment to fighting poverty, racism, domestic, and youth violence, MAD21 has been supporting, assisting, and advocating for children, families, and individuals to break away from the destructive cycle that prevents them from building a better life for themselves. By providing them with sensible and long-lasting solutions, MAD21 are doing their part to make the world a better place for everyone.

MAD21 offers a plethora of services that are meant to help people rebuild their lives. With a rising number of domestic abuse accompanying the lockdown, the organization has provided victims with solutions. They have been holding interventions for batterers to try to get to the root of the problem so they can discontinue their abusive practices. MAD21 also helps victims by providing referrals to support groups and counseling resources, shelters, or crisis centers to begin their journey to recovery. 

With a great responsibility in their hands, the organization members hold themselves accountable for their work and influence on the lives of others. “We focus on best practices in our work, seeking to maximize every opportunity to fulfill our mission.” Apart from recovery assistance, MAD21 is also driven to provide more access to food and financial resources. They are also aware of the shifting weather as dryness and heat have left the homeless with minimal water resources, which the organization has been working to address. 

MAD21 has been teaching people the “snowball effect” through its “2gether as 1 Project,” which was created to impact a change to make a difference to society as a whole. The project has been inviting people to either get involved or redirect them to find charities to help in their contribution to benefit others. 

“Your involvement will help the lives of those in need,” they encouraged, “Giving back and paying it forward feels good. It helps relieve stress and has been proven to decrease blood pressure, promoting longer life and better health.”Learn more about MAD21 by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them through Instagram and Twitter.


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